$5.3 Million of Chromebooks On Way to Syrian Refugees

AH ASUS Chromebook C202 4

Syrian refugees have had a hard time these past fews months with a lot of them having to relocate due to war. Millions of refugees packed their bags and left for a much safer and fulfilling life in Europe. With a brand new world surrounding them, refugees will soon have to accommodate by learning a new language and essential skills so they can continue where their lives stopped before the war in Syria broke out. Known for their large sum of donations, Google has provided a $5.3 Million grant for nonprofits. The launch of Project Reconnect is a joint endeavor with NetHope that plans on giving Chromebooks to nonprofit organizations that are helping refugees recover from those tragic events.

The Chromebooks that will be handed out to Syrian refugees will help them get back on their feet. As we all know, Chromebooks have a good track record when it comes to education and and have been used in schools due to their easy setup and large collection of learning and educational apps. Chromebooks also have the ability to be configured to a central administrator which is what many institutions use. The Director of Google.org, Jacquelline Fuller, said Chromebooks can run educational games, language courses, and also have information for the asylum application process that many refugees will need. All of these programs will certainly help refugees accelerate their lives as they continue their journey in new and uncertain lands.

Google is really hoping that supporting these nonprofits will help with the refugee crisis going on in Europe. Google has provided a website that nonprofits can visit so they can apply for Chromebooks. The grant will supply each nonprofit up to 5,000 Chromebooks, with their first line of giveaways starting March 1st. After the first wave they plan on having another distribution scheduled immediately after. This initiative will be a huge help for students like Ahmed, who Fuller mentioned in the refugee access and education post on Google’s blog. Now more people who are in his situation can now have access to a plethora of information that can set them on the track to success and finishing their studies so they can pursue their dream career.