YouTube Uses Homer Simpson To Plug Video Ad Space

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For 23 seasons we have seen Homer Simpson accidentally press all the buttons on his control board in the nuclear plant he works in causing mayhem. Our beloved yellow character who is a husband and father of three has done a lot of goofy things that has made us laugh over the years. Now Homer has a new job and it’s less dangerous than the nuclear power plant he works in. As rare as this may sound, YouTube has partnered with Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox to create an ad to get more companies to buy ad space on YouTube.

Now Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox incorporated the 1992 “Mr. Plow” Episode, where Homer gets a plow truck and plows the city. Unfortunately in the beginning of his efforts he isn’t getting any business. Homer tries to pace fliers on people’s cars but with the colder winter winds, they all flew away. While sitting at home waiting for potential customers to call, Lisa notices her father isn’t getting any business. To help out, Lisa gets on Youtube and creates an Ad for her father’s snow plow endeavor. Shortly after, everyone in Springfield who accesses Youtube on their tablets and desktop computers saw the ad and before you know it, Homer receives major business. The ad then incorporates more footage from the 1992 episode showing Homer plowing the city of snow and eventually getting the key to the city from the Mayor.

As stated earlier, it’s very rare that Gracie Films and 20th Century Fox used The Simpsons for  3rd party commercial purpose. The newly released ad was put together to get more companies to use YouTube’s advertising services to drive more business. According to new figures from Google, their numbers doubled over a period of two years. This could be the reason why Google wanted to push their advertising campaign so they can get more businesses to hop on board. Buying YouTube ad space sounds like a grand idea due to the high volume of users the video site sees daily. If you would like to watch the Ad about buying Ad space on YouTube, the video of Homer’s success is below.