Yahoo Release Video Guide App To Help Find Video Content

December 10, 2015 - Written By John Anon

As all forms of media have become digital, access to them has become much easier in general. That is not to say that it is more affordable, as it still costs, but now you do have the choice to be able to watch (or listen) to what you want, when you want and through what device you want. In fact, when it comes to the video medium, there is a wealth of options now available. There are the more traditional subscription services like Netflix and Hulu and there is all the cable channel provider apps which have come through, offering you paid (or subscribed) access to the likes of HBO, Fox and CBS. Not forgetting, there is also a host of other apps to help you stream content too.

Today has seen Yahoo looking to get in on the action by also releasing a new steaming app. Although, this is not probably the typical streaming app you are thinking of. Instead, the new Yahoo Video Guide app is exactly that, an app which helps you find the video content you are looking for and instantly connect with that content. As the Yahoo blog announcement puts it, “As your favorite movies and TV shows continue to migrate from the cable box and into a variety of streaming services, it’s becoming increasingly painful to actually find and watch them“.

How the app works is quite simple. You download the app, head to a category, genre or search for a specific title and once you find one you want to watch, you hit the image and it will tell you the various streaming services which you can watch it through. Clicking on one of those streaming services will then bring you through to the service if you have the app installed. If not, it will offer you the option to install the app. If the title is not available to stream through your chosen services then the Yahoo Video Guide does conveniently offer you a means to purchase the title. If this is sounding like something you would like to try out, the app is available now from the Google Play Store and is free to download.