Xiaomi Laptop Rumored To Arrive In Q2 2016 With A Metal Body

Xiaomi Mi 4C AH 11 logo

Xiaomi has been releasing devices non-stop throughout 2015. The company has unveiled a number of smartphones and various smart gadgets, ranging from TVs all the way to air purifiers. Xiaomi also became an MVNO, and they’ve released the 2nd-gen Mi Pad tablet quite recently. It is also worth mentioning that this company is expected to unveil their Mi 5 flagship handset in January next year, at least according to rumors. This announcement is long overdue at this point, and its processor is probably the main reason the device hasn’t been announced yet, as Xiaomi is probably waiting for the Snapdragon 820 to become available.

As we’re waiting for Xiaomi to unveil this smartphone, let’s talk about yet another Xiaomi-branded product that has been rumored quite a bit lately, the Xiaomi-branded laptop. The Xiaomi laptop-related rumors have been popping up all over the place for a long time now, and Inventec has actually confirmed a while back that this device will be available early next year. Well, a new rumor surfaced, coming from the industrial supply chain sources. According to this info, the laptop will be released sometime in Q2 2016, which is a bit more accurate than the info we had before. This device will be made out of metal, and it is expected to be quite affordable, as are the rest of Xiaomi’s products.

Now, previous leaks have said that the laptop will launch in 12.5 and 13.3-inch variants, and that it might run on Linux, which is quite surprising. It is still unknown if Xiaomi intends to put a completely new OS on there, like the desktop version of their Android-based MIUI OS, or will the laptop going to be shipped barebones. That being said, Xiaomi will face tough competition from Huawei, another company which is expected to release a laptop in the near future, the alleged Matebook. Huawei has actually trademarked this naming a while back, and that’s when the rumors started. That’s pretty much it, that’s all we know about Xiaomi’s upcoming laptop, but we will let you know if any additional info surfaces in the coming weeks, stay tuned.