Wonderwall App Offers A Ton Of Nature & Landscape Wallpapers

December 7, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Every single one of you who are reading this are using your smartphone on a daily basis. Well, to tell the truth, pretty much every person who owns a smartphone and has a SIM card in it, uses it on a daily basis, that’s just how things are these days. Well, considering you look at it on a daily basis, why not make it look nice along the way? That’s where Android shines, customizability, you can basically make it look the way you want. One part of its customizability is its wallpaper, a part of your phone that you’ll look at every time you unlock your handset. Well, you might as well set it to something nice looking, right?

There are a ton of wallpaper applications available in the Google Play Store, from specific wallpaper apps like Wally, all the way to other apps which are trying to provide you with wallpapers, ringtones, etc., like Zedge. Well, we’ve stumbled upon one Wally-like application quite recently, its name is Wonderwall. In case you’re looking for that perfect wallpaper, but you simply cannot find one, Wonderwall might be of help. This applications has a number of really sleek-looking wallpapers which you can use, and it adds new ones every single day (one a day). Unlike other wallpapers apps which provide you with all sorts of categories like cars, nature, anime… Wonderwall actually keeps it quite simple. You can choose between popular, mountains, waterfall, sea, bridge, road, fog and urban categories. You may notice that all these categories are kind of nature-related, the goal is for the app to find you the perfect landscape wallpaper which will look great on a homescreen, without going into too much details and giving you a ton of categories to choose from.

This wallpaper app might not be for everyone considering it limits your choices as far as categorization goes, it doesn’t exactly offer the same amount of content as other apps do. If you’re looking for a picture which will look great as a wallpaper (mostly landscapes), then you’re in the right place. Wonderwall does a great job filtering beautiful images which are definitely wallpaper material, and chances are you’ll find something that suits you here. This app is well-designed, it screams material design, which is a good thing, of course. The app is completely free to use, and if you’d like to know more, check out the embedded video and gallery down below. If you’d like to try this app out for yourself, click on the Google Play banner below this article.