'War Of Empires-The Mist' Lets You Take Control Of A Kingdom

Handheld consoles are slowly, but surely, becoming obsolete. Google Play Store and Apple's App Store are full of various gaming titles that users can play, and that collection is getting bigger by the day. Smartphones (and tablets) have improved a lot in terms of specifications over the last couple of years, which has allowed game developers create some really compelling titles with great graphics. No matter what genre you'd like to play, chances are you'll find what you're looking for in the Google Play Store. That being said, we've stumbled upon a rather interesting action / strategy title recently called 'War of Empires - The Mist', so let's see what's it about, shall we.

Now, it's worth mentioning that by sheer looks, this game resembles titles like Clash of Clans quite a bit, though the gameplay is somewhat different. The graphics is very nice and fits perfectly, and this game is delivered to us by Doodle Mobile Ltd., a well-known developer which has released titles like March of Glory, Fast Racing 3D and Dino Island. So, what's this game all about? Well, at the very beginning, you'll take control of a kingdom, and it's up to you to develop it, expand it and defend it. The game does offer online multiplayer, in case you'd like to play this with your friends or various people over the internet. As it's the case with any strategy game, you'll be able to develop various aspects of the game, though all of those are kind of simplified here, and should be fairly easy to comprehend for pretty much anyone.

The War of Empires - The Mist is currently available and free in the Google Play Store, but there are in-app purchases available here. Check out the gallery down below if you'd like to check out the graphics and partial gameplay, and click the Google Play banner down below if you'd like to install and try out this game for yourself. This title is relatively free of any glitches and what not, but there's always room for improvement, and the developer is constantly trying to improve this title with various added material through updates.

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