Video: Seek Thermal Compact Camera Review

December 10, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Seek Thermal makes some of the coolest gadgets around that are designed to tell you what’s making your living quarters so hot.  But home repairs are just the start of how many ways you can use the Seek Thermal Compact Camera, a thermal camera that connects to your smartphone and enables you to see a world of thermal imaging that your brain is not likely used to.  This camera comes with an accompanying app that enables everything from pictures and video, to measuring temperatures that range anywhere from -40 degrees f/c all the way up to 626f or 330c, and of course it even measures in Kelvin if you’re looking for something different.

We just posted the full written review a few days ago but now you can see the thermal camera in action.  We cover some uses of the camera as well as give you a full tour of the software and how well it works.  Check out the full video below to see it in action and be sure to follow the link below to grab your own if you think it’s worth your while.  At $250 it’s not necessarily cheap, but for what it is this little camera really packs a punch and a considerable value over other thermal cameras out there.