Video: Google Pixel C Tablet and Keyboard Review

Google Pixel C AH NS software

Google’s Pixel C is a thing of beauty.  While the primary product is a tablet that starts at $499, Google sells a keyboard separately for $149 that turns the Pixel C into something completely different device. The C in the name stands for convertible, and there’s a very good reason for that; you can use this bad boy in more than one way with the keyboard, including more like a laptop than any other Android tablet.  Not everything is rosy here though, and it’s clear that this used to be a Chromebook or at least the semblance of what a Chromebook would look like running Android.  Android just isn’t built that well for tablets, and it shows in many ways throughout the experience.

Top that off with some hardware issues Google has been having and you get a tablet that’s full of promise but likely doesn’t end up delivering quite what you expected, at least not yet.  Given this is Google’s first 100% designed and privately manufactured tablet we’re likely not going to see the end of support for this one, and with the promised monthly OS updates there’s no telling what Google has up its sleeve.  Check out our full written review and of course the video review down below to get the full picture and let us know what you think about the Pixel C!