'Verily' Is The New Name For Google's Life Sciences Division

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Earlier this year Google officially announced a major change for the company, as Google would be one of many different companies under the umbrella of a new corporation named Alphabet. Alongside the search giant is the Life Sciences division which Alphabet has just announced is being renamed to ‘Verily,’ and in light of the new branding they have also launched a new website to be the face of that brand on the internet. There you’ll find a summarized breakdown of what Verily will be responsible for and what the company is working on across different avenues, and a precursor to what’s to come from Verily is presented in a video, introducing us to the new face of health for the once-Google owned division.

Prior to the name change, Google Life Sciences was a team at Google X responsible for things like the smart contact lenses, aimed at helping those who need to stay on top of and measure their glucose levels, and it would do this by utilizing the built-in glucose sensor. Although the name is changing, their efforts are not and this particular piece of hardware will still continue to go through research and development. Verily won’t just be working on hardware though, and will have teams dedicated to software for analyzing and crunching all that health-related data.

They’ll also have teams focused on clinical research, with a “baseline study” comprised of attempting to identify what makes up a healthy human individual, and a team dedicated to science that will be doing research with an emphasis on understanding diseases and what leads to conditions like cancer, heart diseases and more. All the teams will work closely together to further the understanding of human health and to make living better for everyone. Verily will be headed up by Ph.D. and former LabCorp CSO, Andy Conrad who will take on the role of CEO. At the moment Verily doesn’t have anything available product wise, but with a new brand and teams focused on moving forward, there is sure to be more detail on what to expect from the company in the future.