US Rollout for Samsung Pay on Gear S2 Delayed into 2016


Despite some interesting sales figures from the last few quarters, Samsung has had a successful 2015, launching the new Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 lines as well as getting their new payment method, Samsung Pay off the ground. Where Google Wallet was a little ahead of its time, Samsung Pay seems poised to become a regular fixture in a lot of users lifestyles. Not only because it's simple and easy to use, but because with devices like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note 5 it can be used with older magstripe machines at registers that haven't been upgraded with NFC. For a lot of Samsung fans however, they will have been looking forward to paying with their Gear S2 more than anything. Gear S2 wearers in the US will have to wait until 2016 it would seem.

Samsung Pay was originally supposed to be hitting the Gear S2, Samsung's latest smartwatch, before the end of this year, but it now looks like it won't hit until next year. According to a Tweet from the Samsung Mobile US account, Samsung Pay won't be hitting the Gear S2 until 2016 and that people should stay tuned for more details. The Gear S2 was supposed to be getting Samsung Pay support in November, but that didn't happen. Just when there will be more info is unclear, but we can't imagine Samsung will want to keep a flagship product like the new Gear S2 without Samsung Pay for much longer.


The Gear S2 was launched this Fall during IFA 2015, and we recently reviewed Samsung's latest. A fresh approach to smartwatches from Samsung, it's received positive reviews from the majority of users and a lot of the media as well. With a fully-circular display and a new interface, the S2 has become a mainstream success for Samsung, building on top of their first offerings with the Galaxy Gear and Gear 2 line of smartwatches. Samsung Pay will be heading to more devices next year and has already been added to some of Samsung's more mid-range affairs.

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