Uber Will Make Their Cars Mobile WiFi Hotspots During CES 2016


The transportation network company Uber has been quite successful for a long time, in fact, it is now worth more than some automotive companies. This year, the company introduced new services like food delivery in Toronto, Canada, and it will probably expand to additional regions in a near future. They also made their mobile app play along with others by including a "Ride with Uber" button, which developers can use in their own apps, this might have a huge impact for the company next year. Since they have a few projects that not many people might be aware of, such as creating a self-driving car, the company has been investing in very accurate mapping technology to make it happen.

Let's not forget what the company does that led to that success, basically, users are able to request a ride from a mobile app and the driver will pick them up in seconds. This simple premise and the fact that the service is quite affordable has revolutionized the whole transportation industry, not without some controversies, of course. The CES 2016 is about to begin, it takes place in Las Vegas every year and it is one of the most important events for electronics as most manufacturers show their product portfolio for the whole year and a few innovative technologies that they are still working on. Uber launched their service in Las Vegas just a couple of months ago, so now they are making a huge move to promote it.


It turns out that Uber will provide WiFi service in its units during for the time of the event. Las Vegas currently has options to request UberX, UberXL and Uber Select (which is like Uber Black, but the cars aren't necessarily black colored), and the service will be available in all of them. Uber teamed up with Vinli (which released a piece of hardware to make cars get connected with a smartphone a while ago) and T-Mobile 4G LTE network to make their cars mobile hotspots. This is quite useful, as most people attending CES 2016 would know what Uber is and they are more likely to request their service rather than wait in line for a taxi, so instead of looking for a stable connection which might be difficult given the amount of attendees, they can just use the one in Uber cars.

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