Uber Hits One Billion Trips

Uber One in a Billion

Uber has just hit a milestone! And in perfect style– the ride-hailing company served its one billionth customer on Christmas Eve in London. Announcing this momentous event, the company has shared some details about the ride and who its passengers were. According to their release, an uberX driver called Ara was able to pick up a passenger named Marvin. The vehicle Ara drove was a blue Honda Insight Hybrid. It was a relatively short drive from London Fields to Hoxton in the East End. The entire 1.6-mile trip cost around $7.40.

In line with its billionth trip, Uber has announced that they will be doing something in return. To commemorate the community wherein the trip took place, Uber will be making a donation to Hackney Pirates, a charity group that helps children in the borough of Hackney between the ages of 9 and 12 to develop literacy, perseverance and confidence. Through the charity, these individuals are able to get the help they need for school and for their future. The charity was chosen as it is the same neighborhood where Marvin and Ara’s trip began.

As for both the driver and his passenger, Uber will also be doing something special for them. Uber will be giving the driver, Ara, a vacation to the Uber city of his preference. Meanwhile, the passenger, Marvin, will be getting a year’s worth of free rides. In the past, Uber gives special treats to its millionth trip in different cities where it operates in. Among the gifts its recipients have received in the past include free rides, concert tickets, and other items. Because they have hit their billion mark, the company decided to give the milestone more meaning.

There’s no denying that Uber has truly come a long way ever since it started in San Francisco in 2009. When it started, it was only a two-car operation. It quickly grew in 2014, where it was already making close to a million trips each day. In just a year’s time, it had grown to 66 countries and 3 million trips per day. Indeed, Uber has reached a milestone that other companies of the same nature will have a difficult time trying to hit. Congratulations Uber!