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If you happen to enjoy sitting down with some friends, grabbing some munchable snacks, and catching a nice game or two, chances are your going to want to download the TuneIn Radio app from Google Play Store. While announcing a Premium version at $7.99 for its radio streaming service back in August of 2015, TuneIn offered listeners access to live play-by-play feeds for all 32 NFL teams. This included all sorts of goodies ranging from away and home games, championship games, the Super Bowl, and even providing listeners access to very select few Spanish broadcasts. Among NFL coverage, TuneIn also provides content for the MLB, Premier League and even coverage for things such as the Bundesliga, which is Germany's primary football competition. With over 100,000 broadcast radio stations and four million on-demand podcasts and programs from around the world, TuneIn is a worthy contender and frankly is quite a breather from the normal music apps you get similar to Pandora, especially if you're a sports fan.

TuneIn, starting on January 1st, will provide its broad audience 1,230 regular NHL season game programs. TuneIn will also be streaming all of the league's playoff games, including the Stanley Cup Finals, all of which will be offered in its free version of the app. With over 50 million active users every month, TuneIn is undoubtedly catering to the die-hard sports fan who wants more than to just catch a game on television.


Beginning at the first of the year, NHL fans will be able to "TuneIn" and catch some awesome, free coverage between the Montreal Canadiens and the Boston Bruins. The BridgeStone's NHL Winter Classic game will be covered live, via Gillette Stadium located in Foxborough, Massachusetts. In addition, there will also be special coverage of the 2016 All-Star Game in Nashville as well as the Coors Light Stadium Series.

There are many more available NHL content listeners can take advantage of including things such as on-demand content. With this comes conveniency when your out and can't catch a NHL game live broadcast. This will allow listeners to replay every single in-season NHL game on-demand. Among other great features, there will be a "24/7 Hockey Channel" as well as a "24/7 Team Channel". These channels will provide users with massive amounts of listening content for many hours on end. They provide live recorded hockey audio as well as individual team recaps, analysis, and content such as press conferences. There are more features available for your listening pleasure and can be found on TuneIn's website.

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