Top 10 Android Smartwatches Buyers Guide: December 2015 Edition


It's that time of year again, as we enter the twelfth month of the year and things start to wind down. That means that there's very little chance of a surprise smartwatch hitting shelves out of nowhere, leaving potential buyers to consider previous models from throughout 2015 and some from 2014, even. There are plenty of great choices out there these days, and even if you're looking for some last minute gifts and missed out n Black Friday and Cyber Monday these are your best choices.

10. LG G Watch

G Watch AH-20


The original LG G Watch has been around since the very beginning of Android Wear, and while it feels as though it's gotten a little long in the tooth, many of its specs are the same as today's Android Wear flag bearers. What's nice about the G Watch is it has great battery life, a funky digital look to it and it's been available for pretty cheap for a long, long time now. This makes the G Watch a great watch to purchase if you're unsure of whether or not you actually want something like this, and also a fairly inexpensive gift, too.

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 09. Pebble Time Round

Pebble Time Round Amazon

The Pebble Time Round is an excellent new design from the company that has been designing playful smartwatches for some time, and it still retains a lot of the same great features. Battery life isn't quite as good as other Pebble Time devices, but it's super-slick and playful all at the same time. With an interface that's easy to navigate and that keeps up with you as you go about your day, the Pebble Time Round is designed to be there when you need it at that specific moment in time, rather than being some sort of gadget that you don't need to be using all the time.

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08. ASUS ZenWatch 2


The ZenWatch 2 from ASUS is an evolution of their first smartwatch and it's an intriguing design, trying its best to show you that you don't need to have a round smartwatch to have a good-looking watch. We recently reviewed the ZenWatch 2 and quite liked it. It has a unique design compared to most of the round watches out there, and has some of the best battery life out there, but it's certainly something for those that prefer more digital designs over more round and traditional designs. Available in two different sizes, the ZenWatch 2 is an affordable watch for all wrist sizes and tastes.

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07. Sony SmartWatch 3

Sony SmartWatch 3


The SmartWatch 3 from Sony didn't get off to a great start, but since the introduction of a better-looking everyday metal band, it's grown in popularity. It was recently on sale across the Black Friday weekend and with a unique pop-in, pop-out design the SmartWatch 3 is one of the more flexible options out there. A good choice for fitness, users can easily swap a silicon band out for the metal band depending on their situation, and with built-in GPS it also works wonders for runners and cyclists as well. A good choice as a fitness watch, the SmartWatch 3 does it all.

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06. LG G Watch R


The LG G Watch R was released last year, and while that might seem a long time ago now, it's got a modern, yet classic loo0k to it. It's not something for everyone of course, but it's something that will appeal to fans of G-Shock designs and similar sport-style watches. Perhaps a little chunky for some, it's  got a sharp and bright fully-circular display and it has good battery life and great performance as well.


05. LG Watch Urbane


The Watch Urbane was launched earlier this year, and while it undeniably has a much more traditional look and feel to it, it's too similar to the G Watch R to be a major fresh release. It's also a little on the large side, which is again something that isn't for everyone when it comes to smartwatches. With a sharp OLED display and a classic leather strap the Urbane is a digital timepiece for those that want to keep things simple, and it's definitely a looker even today.

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04. Moto 360 2nd Generation



Despite the fact that the Moto 360 still features that same 'flat tyre' design Motorola managed to improve on a number of things. For one thing, it's now available in two different sizes and Moto Maker is back with more choices. Straps are easier to change this time around and the watch face can be customized with some fun edging as well, and there's just a lot more Moto 360 to love this time around. Plus, there's a proper processor under the hood now, which means much better performance and better battery life as well.

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03. Samsung Gear S2


The smartwatch is a product that Samsung is familiar with and since the original Galaxy Gear they've been producing compelling options. However, up until the Gear S2 they've been restricted to just Samsung hardware, their latest changes all of that, thankfully. With a fresh new interface that is a joy to use, and a fully-circular display, the Gear S2 is a good-looking smartwatch that should appeal to everyone, even those that aren't using a Samsung smartphone. We enjoyed our time with the Gear S2 during our review, and it's a solid contender to those running Android Wear.

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02. TAG HEUER Connected

TAG Heuer Connected 3

The TAG HEUER Connecticut was announced a little while ago now, and there's been a lot of discussion around it's pretty massive price tag, but it's undeniable that it's one hell of a timepiece. That's what TAG HEUER want you to think about the Connected, that's it's a timepiece more than it is a gadget, and considering the materials that it's made out of we're inclined to go along with them, there. Whether or not the Connected is worth that much is ultimately up to those who end up coughing up the cost, but it's certainly one hell of a watch.

01. Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch AH-32


How can a smartwatch from a Chinese company outrank one from a Swiss name? Well, it's quite simple, really. Price. The Huawei Watch offers all the same sort of features as the TAG Heuer Connected, and is available in more configurations than just a different strap color. With a rose gold option, as well as black and silver options too, the Huawei Watch is a lot more varied as well as a hell of a lot more affordable.

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