The 12 Best Magazines You Can Read Right On Your Android Smartphone


The 12 Best Magazines You Can Read Right On Your Android Smartphone

It's amazing what your smartphone can do these days. You can buy takeout food, email friends on the other side of the world, and read full novels all on the same device. There's a lot of talk about technology killing off old pleasures, such as reading magazines, but in fact they're doing no such thing.


Instead, the magazines have made the jump from physical copies to digital files that you can read right on your smartphone. Now you can take your magazines with you wherever you go, and you can subscribe just with a tap of the screen. The biggest advantage that in digital form, magazines are a whole lot cheaper to buy, too. All of the following magazines are available on the Nook App for reading app Android, which allows users to download books, magazines, audiobooks and videos.

  1. Shutterbug: This magazine is the best title for amateur and professional photographers. It features camera and photography equipment reviews, tips on producing the best photos, and the latest photography news. It's the perfect publication if you're looking to improve your photography skills, and hear from some of the best photographers in the business.
  1. The Family Handyman: If you're the DIY type, this is the magazine for you. The Family Handyman offers tips for creating the perfect home for you and your family, including ideas on creating more storage, improving your home's energy conservation, and seasonally appropriate projects to make your home look amazing.
  1. Time: Time magazine is world famous for good reason. This news publication has been released weekly since 1923, and has helped cement the careers of those who've appeared on their iconic red bordered cover. Their special editions include the sometimes controversial 'Person of the Year' issue, as well as their yearly Top 100 list of the most influential people in the world.
  1. National Geographic Little Kids: If your little one is fascinated by nature and science, then this magazine will feed their imagination. National Geographic Little Kids will fill their heads full of exciting facts about dinosaurs, different countries, and important historical events, all while being fun and informative to read. A subscription would be a fantastic gift from Santa this Christmas.
  1. Better Homes and Gardens: This perennial classic is the essential text for any reader who is proud of their home. Chock full of decoration and craft ideas, Better Homes and Gardens helps you make your house a beautiful place to live.
  1. BBC Good Food: This magazine is a great read for both the amateur cook and the veteran foodie. It features a huge range of recipes to try out, step by step instructions for some essential cooking techniques, and themed collections of dishes and activities to try out, no matter what the season.
  1. Orlando Attractions Magazine: If you're a theme park junkie, why not subscribe to a magazine all about the home of some of the best theme parks around, Orlando? This magazine features all the latest news about attractions coming to the area, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your visit.
  1. J-14: H-14 is the best source of pop culture and entertainment news for any stylish teen. The magazine features breaking news in the entertainment industry, as well as the secret style tips of the stars that they can steal for themselves. Any teen with a passion for celebrity news would happy to receive a subscription for this magazine in their stocking this year.
  1. Cosmopolitan: The most popular women's lifestyle magazine in the world is now available on your phone. Billing themselves as the 'bible for fun, fearless females', Cosmo offers celebrity news, interviews, fashion and beauty, and lifestyle news.
  1. Men's Health: Men's Health is the complete text for any man looking for greater control over their physical, mental and emotional health. The magazine includes reports on entertainment news, fashion and grooming, and, of course, health. There's a reason why it's one of the most popular magazines in the US.
  1. Rolling Stone: Rolling Stone is nothing less than a cultural icon. As well as being one of the leading voices in music, it also lends its influence to movies, TV, technology, and national affairs. If you want to know what's happening in pop culture, Rolling Stone has you covered.
  1. SFX: SFX is the leading publication on all things sci fi, horror and fantasy to satisfy your inner geek. If it's currently happening in movies, books or TV pop culture, SFX is bound to have it covered.

In addition to all of these titles, there's a huge range of other magazines available to read directly from your phone. Dump the paper magazines and save money, read your magazines wherever you go, and save the hassle of buying from the store every week.

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