Tapdeck Makes Changing Your Android Wallpaper Super-Easy

For as long as Android has been around, even way back with 2008's T-Mobile G1 it has been exceptionally customizable, and that doesn't seem to be changing any time soon. When Android 5.0 Lollipop launched with an all-new Material Design look and feel, bringing with it more color, there's been less need to change Android. Even so, the wallpaper that we use on our homescreen is still one of the biggest changes that the majority of users seem to make on a regular basis. Wallpaper apps are two-a-penny in the Play Store, and some of them are really quite good, but Tapdeck wants to be a little different. More importantly it wants to make changing wallpaper super-easy and tailored to your tastes.

At its core, Tapdeck is a Live Wallpaper, that displays a scrollable wallpaper which changes as you go from page-to-page of your launcher. There are two important gestures when the wallpaper is on your homescreen, a double-tap will change the wallpaper there and then, while a swipe upwards on your display will get you more information about it, and let your favorite it. How Tapdeck works out what you might like to see next is pretty simple, it draws from a set of pictures each categorized into 'collections', and the collections you choose when setting up the app will determine the type of images you get when you want to change pictures. These collections come in the form of "cities", "black and white", "nature" and my personal favorite, "random awesome". From there, a selection of different images are chosen for you and double-tapping will cycle through them.

Tapdeck is a free download from the Play Store, and because it's a simple Live Wallpaper, similar to the now-famous Muzei, it should work with your favorite Android launcher. For what it's worth, it works just fine on a OnePlus 2 we have here running the stock launcher. Users only need to choose as few as three collections, but the more you choose, the more diverse your changes will be from wallpaper-to-wallpaper.

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