T-Mobile Pauses Wi-Fi Network Trial for Second Time

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When T-Mobile first announced its Preferred Wi-Fi Network Trial, everyone got excited over what this new service could do. Many patiently waited for further information on what the service was all about and when it would be made available. Just a few weeks ago, however, T-Mo announced that the trial will be available in Orlando and Tampa markets. With this, about 50,000 customers will receive an SMS message that could automatically connect them to over 30,000 Bright House Networks public hotspots throughout their vicinity.

In a sad turn of events, T-Mobile has once again suspended the service last December 10. As witnessed on their website, the carrier promises that they will give an update to the website once the trial resumes. However, there has not yet been any word on when the trial will be returning. Back in October, the trial was paused before it was turned back on.

Even though Preferred Wi-Fi Network Trial was put on hold over a week ago, there has not been a reason as to why T-Mobile decided to go for it. Despite this, however, the company believes that Wi-Fi is a significant part of their strategy. And because of this, they promise to continue delivering the best Wi-Fi connectivity experiences for the subscribers who choose to sign up with them.

It is important to remember that this trial is a testing period for T-Mobile to try and determine a number of things to consider about the service. Through the trial, T-Mo hopes they can target areas that work for the service and also identify what still needs to be improved on. They also wish that through this trial, they can distinguish the best avenues for working with their ecosystem partners. Understanding this, the reason why T-Mobile has put the service on hold is because they are doing some tweaks to it prior to putting it back on. It’s completely possible that the company has been successful in understanding the needs of the trial and is currently working on improving its services. So until T-Mobile switches back this service, users will have to do their best to be patient and cooperate with what they are doing to improve their network.