T-Mobile Offers AT&T Switchers half off EIP on Accessories

T mobile Logo AH 1

T-Mobile is known for going after their competitors, and their CEO John Legere had stated that they had something special for each of their competitors’ customers. After giving Sprint customers an extra $200 to switch over to the magenta carrier, now they are offering AT&T customers some pretty spectacular deals. This is all in addition to the promos for paying off your ETF and device payment fees to switch (as well as all the goodies you get by signing up on a Simple Choice plan, like Binge On, Music Freedom and more).

AT&T customers that make the switch will get 50% off of EIP accessories. That includes Fitbit, smartwatches, and anything else that T-Mobile sells. The only catch is that you do have to do the financing thing. So you can’t just buy it outright. However, you are still paying the same price, it’s just stretched over a longer period of time. This means that customers could get as much as $125 off of their favorite products. Don’t forget they also sell speakers from some of the most well-known companies like JBL and Ultimate Ears.

This promotion isn’t just for those on AT&T’s postpaid plans either. If you are on their GoPhone or Cricket prepaid plans, you are also eligible to make the switch and get these discounts. T-Mobile also has a pretty sweet incentive for those looking to buy an iPhone, where you can get the 128GB model for the price of the 16GB model. It’s the season of giving, and T-Mobile is doing plenty of giving. T-Mobile also reminds us in their press release, that a family of four can join T-Mobile and get Unlimited 4G LTE for just $45 per line. Something that AT&T has done away with for a few years (and in fact is raising the price of unlimited data on grandfathered plans).

There’s all kinds of great promotions going on around the mobile industry as we get closer to the holidays at the end of December. We’ll be sure to share them all with you. So you can get the best promotions and deals this holiday season, no matter what you are buying.