T-Mobile Named #1 Among Wireless Carriers by Consumer Reports

T Mobile AH

T-Mobile may not be number one or even number two when it comes to the number of customers they have on their network. But the Uncarrier is doing some fantastic things when it comes to customers as well as their network. T-Mobile has steadily been the fastest network in the US, based on data from Ookla who has the popular Speedtest.net speed testing service. And all the data comes from users testing the speed on different networks. T-Mobile has also won a JD Power award for customer service, which is something to really be proud of.

And now, according to Consumer Reports, T-Mobile is the best carrier in the US. This is from a survey that Consumer Reports sent out to various users, and asked consumers about their carriers’ value, voice quality, texting, data speeds, web issues and customer support. Verizon came in with a score of 70 out of 100, AT&T had a score of 68 out of 100 and Sprint at 67 out of 100 with T-Mobile sporting a 73 score here. Consumer Reports also noted that customer support as well as value were ranked highly by the survey. However, as expected, call and data quality were ranked below the top two carriers, Verizon and AT&T.

The most interesting part about this survey is that all four of the national carriers were beaten by MVNO’s and regional carriers. This includes Consumer Cellular, Ting, Virgin Mobile, and US Cellular. Now this doesn’t make Ting, or US Cellular better than Verizon or T-Mobile. But in the public’s eye, it is. And the image of a carrier is very important, in looking to grab new customers and keeping their existing customers. Verizon’s Chuck Hamby spoke out in response to this survey basically saying that they don’t believe in crowdsourced data, and they rely more on scientific data instead. And that scientific data paints the bigger picture, compared to a survey sent out to a small pool of users.

Some thing like this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. Seeing as Root Metrics named Verizon first in their first half of 2015 report, with T-Mobile ranking fourth. While Ookla ranked T-Mobile first and Verizon second. So there’s definitely a difference there, and it’s likely due to the data collected.