Swiftkey Beta Adds new Emojis for Android 6.0.1 Users

Swiftkey Beta Emoji AH 1

When Android 6.0.1 was announced earlier this month, Google’s big feature for this update was a load of new emoji’s. Users had been asking for them, ever since Apple released some new emoji’s in iOS. And now Android users can have all sorts of new emojis. Whatsapp had also released a number of new emojis, and now Swiftkey has joined the bandwagon, with their latest beta update.

The latest beta update for Swiftkey Beta brings all sorts of new emojis, however you do need to be on Android 6.0.1. to really use those new emojis. And that’s largely due to it being part of the firmware in Android 6.0.1. So if you’re on Android 6.0.1, we’d recommend checking out the beta version of Swiftkey, especially if you are already a Swiftkey user. It’s free in the Play Store for everyone to check out. Currently, only Nexus users will be able to see the new emoji’s, since those are the only devices with Android 6.0.1 at this time.

However, that’s not all that’s new in the latest beta version of Swiftkey. We also have some fixes for issues with emoji predictions (which is a pretty amazing feature, to say the least). Additionally, Swiftkey has also made flow through space work, when you are flowing through more than four or five words. Another great fix there for the latest Swiftkey beta. And that’s about it for this update. The beta version works a lot like Chrome Beta. Where Swiftkey tries some new features and gets them ready for primetime before bringing them to the stable app that most of their users are using. It’s a great idea, and allows their users that want to be on the cutting edge to do so – although expect bugs, because that’s what beta is all about – and allows others to stick to the more stable version of the keyboard.

Swiftkey has been around for quite some time now, and is the most popular keyboard on Android (as well as iOS now). It’s also completely free with in-app purchases for themes and such. If you haven’t given it a try, we urge you to do so, it’s a great keyboard.