Sundar Pichai to Visit India this Month

Google IO2014 AH 24

Sundar Pichai has enjoyed a rise to power quite like no other these past couple of years. After becoming the lead of Google Chrome, he was then appointed head of Android as well after Andy Rubin left the position. If that weren’t enough however, as Google became part of newly-formed parent company Alphabet, Pichai became CEO of Google entirely. A success story for Indians in the technology industry, Sundar joins Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, in inspiring a future generation of Indians looking to make a name for themselves in the technology world. This month, it looks as though Pichai will be heading to India, possibly to meet with India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Prime Minister Modi has been making waves in India this past year as he pushes for a much more modern society and one that attracts manufacturing from smartphone giants such as Sony and Xiaomi. Whether or not Pichai will be meeting with Modi – publicly or otherwise – is still unclear, but as the Indian Express has discovered, Google India will be holding an event on December 16th where Pichai will be speaking. An excerpt from part of this Invite reads “Indians are coming online at an astonishing rate with affordable smartphones. These new users have a completely fresh view on what the Internet has to offer. Please block your date for an event with Google as we outline our vision for these users.”

As India comes online with overwhelming numbers, it’s no surprise to see the likes of Pichai make their way to the country in official visits. Whether or not he will be there as a guest of Modi is unclear, but it does seem to be confirmed that he will be at a Google India event towards the middle of December. Pichai went to school at IIT-Kharagpur and recently met with Modi during his September visit to Silicon Valley, so perhaps he is looking to return the favor?