Square Enix To Launch Final Fantasy IX On Android In 2016

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When it comes to games, RPG types are some of the most compelling for many due to their nature of delivering in-depth stories and completely immersive experiences, allowing players to relate to the characters and get to know them. In the RPG genre, one of the most popular from year’s past has been the JRPG type in which players would explore vast worlds and complete quests, and engage in turn by turn combat with enemies. No other franchise has seen more popularity and praise in the JRPG sub-genre, let alone the RPG genre as a whole, than Final Fantasy. With a longstanding history of games spanning what will now be the 15th title in the original series sometime in 2016, two MMOs, a collection of other off series titles, and mobile originals like Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Square Enix’s Final Fantasy franchise has enjoyed plenty of success. Many of these games have ended up on mobile devices, and the first 6 series titles have come to Android, with the 7th landing on iOS earlier this year. Now, Square Enix is said to be launching FF IX sometime in 2016 with plans to launch it on Android as well as iOS.

while there aren’t many details about the game yet, such as the release time frame, Square Enix’ website for the mobile launch of this old classic states that it will support Android 4.1 and up, which means a fairly wide compatibility list for devices. Although the launch of this game on Android is great news for Final Fantasy fans, there are still plenty of unknowns.

Square Enix has yet to release FF VII on Android in any capacity at all here in the states, although in their home country of Japan it is possible to stream it to iOS and Android devices similar to the way PS4 owners can stream older PS3 titles. This particular detail makes it unclear whether or not Square Enix will release FF IX on Android in the U.S. Also unclear is how they plan to offer a massive game of this size, whether it be a full download likely available at $15, or whether it will be available to stream like other FF titles. If it’s the latter, it will quite possibly only see a launch in Japan, as Square Enix streaming service is not available in the U.S. unfortunately. It is worth noting that Square Enix state the game will launch on PC as well, most likely through Steam, so there’s a chance it will launch in the states on Android through the Play Store, with just a matter of timing.