Spotify Party Launches, Bringing Beat-Matched Mixes to Playlists

Spotify Logo IFA AH 1

Spotify is still one of the world’s most popular streaming music services. While they have had increased competition in recent years, Spotify continues to be number one. In 2015, the company announced quite a few new features, including Spotify Running and bringing podcasts to the app to keep users using Spotify even longer. On Wednesday, Spotify brought another feature to their service, Spotify Party.

Essentially what Spotify Party is, is “brilliantly beat-matched music” mixed playlist. So if you don’t know what music to put on for those family and friend gatherings this holiday season, just choose one of their mix playlists to play and you’ll set the right mood instantly. It’s pretty brilliant to be honest. These playlists have been curated by DJ and producer Diplo, who is a pretty popular DJ. There are playlists available for all party genres as well. With Spotify Party you can also sound like a DJ, blending in every song to the next song, and it’s nice and smooth. So this means no interruptions and non-stop music as well. Always important for a party. Finally you can set the mood from a chilled out dinner party to dancing on tables. There is a new mood turner that you can slide to where you want and the music will follow. Spotify has a new Play Queue as well, allowing you to rearrange the upcoming songs pretty easy and smoothly.

“When it comes to throwing parties you simply have to have the right playlists – or everyone will leave,” says Diplo.

The Spotify Party feature is rolling out beginning today, according to Spotify. And it’s coming to both iOS and Android today. So it’ll be perfect for those holiday gatherings over the next few weeks. Spotify also says that there are even more exclusive mixes on the way. In addition to the many already exclusive playlists created from over 120 different tracks.

Definitely a great feature to add to Spotify and keep users using Spotify instead of switching over to another music streaming service like Google Play Music or Apple Music. Which is the entire intent of this, for Spotify.