Sponsored Game Review: Towers Battle Solitaire

December 16, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Towers Battle Solitaire is an Android game that takes the classic format of Solitaire and throw in something new and fresh. While not a game that people can bet real money there are prizes to be won here. The aim of the game is that users must choose a card from any of the piles that is higher or lower than the card in the center in order to clear the playing area. Runs are achieved by matching cards in succession, and to complete each round players need to clear all of their cards up, which is a lot more difficult than it seems as players don’t get much time to complete each level. Players can purchase more coins to keep the game going for longer, but the idea is to complete each round as quickly as possible.

Solitaire and card game fans can find Towers Battle Solitaire for download in the Play Store, for free here.

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There’s a main menu, which will feature some quick pointers the first time players launch the game. One Day Tournaments allow anyone to join all day long, One Chance Tournaments offer 1,000 players to compete, giving each of them a fair chance at winning whatever the prize might be. The Battle Tournament is a little different and features a qualification round, followed by a final of sorts, which sees players face off against each other. The player that wins will walk away with more coins.

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The gameplay area is an interesting layout, and features with it the deck in the center of the display, and cards all around it. Players can select any of these cards whenever they want, but it must be either 1 above or 1 below the value in the middle. There is a card counter to the left of the gold box and a counter of how many seconds you have left at the top of the display.

The more runs that players get, the more likely they are to come across cards with higher values, match these and more coins will be added to your winning title.

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Should you run out of time to complete the round you’re on, you can extend the amount of time by spending a little gold.

2015-12-14 12.44.14

At the end of each level, of which there are over 150, players will be awarded an amount of coins depending on their score.

2015-12-14 12.44.36

Speaking of coins, if players want to extend what they have to buy longer goes or power-ups, then they can do so by buying more coins using in-app purchases.

2015-12-14 12.52.09

It does feel as though the game is developed in a way that makes it more difficult for players to keep on playing for free. If we take a look at my dashboard, I no longer have enough silver to enter another game, as each game costs 500 silver coins, you can win them from games, but I can’t win them if I can’t enter a new game, can I? Which means I have to pony up some real cash to get some more silver if I want to keep on playing.

2015-12-14 14.25.44

Having said all of that, I still had a lot of fun with Towers Battle Solitaire, and while it could do with a little more polish here and there, it’s a good game for card fans. Fans of Tri-Peaks as well as classic Solitaire will appreciate the fast-paced action here, as it forces players to think and work quickly, something that a lot of other gamers will appreciate, too. I didn’t appreciate the fact that it seemed as if after a few goes I had to pony up some real cash in order to play another tournament, but I suppose I could always wait for tomorrow’s one day tournament to come around. Having to match different cards together in quick succession is challenging, and it’s easy to see why a lot of people enjoy these sort of games.


  • Speed (4/5) – The game runs just fine, and the pacing of the game is good fun as well, keeping players on their toes to keep up.
  • Features (3.5/5) – The gameplay itself is compelling, but it can become quite repetitive as well. Besides, the fact that players will end up needing to put in real money quite quickly on is a sore point as well.
  • Theme (4/5) – The overall look and feel here is nice, and there are some high-resolution assets used throughout Towers Battle Solitaire.
  • Overall (4/5) – With some compelling and addictive gameplay, there’s a lot on offer here, it’s just a shame that players can’t earn more coins for free while playing.


  • Fans of card games will enjoy the familiarity while also the challenge of the faster-paced gameplay, too.
  • Allows other players to help restore hearts and such as well, making this a game to get playing with friends.
  • Simple controls make this a game for all ages no matter how technically-inclined they are.
  • Works well on smartphones as well as tablets no matter their age or performance.


  • Doesn’t offer players a lot of ways of earning free coins or silver.
  • Seems like it was developed to get people paying for more quite early on.

Overall, Towers Battle Solitaire is a good game for fans of card games as well as those looking for an arcade casino game, one that doesn’t encourage gambling. Something for all ages, this is a fairly easy game to play, and it doesn’t ask much of the player, either. Free to download and play, there’s a lot on offer, it’s just a shame that there aren’t more opportunities to earn free gold and silver.