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Gold Miner Rescue is a simple game for Android that tasks players with finding the gold underground, drawing a path for the Miner to dig and then helping them get back to the house. It's a game that starts off fairly easy and then open up offering up more of a challenge with the inclusion of TNT, ladders and more for players to experiment with and help rescue our Miner friend. Free to download and play, there's a lot on offer here, especially for younger players and perhaps more casual gamers. Let's take a look and see how much fun this really is.

To get started, players just need to download Gold Miner Rescue from the Play Store. For those that aren't keen on ads, there's a Pro version available with no ads.


2015-11-30 10.13.27

A nice approach to Google Play Games integration here, Gold Miner Rescue asks players upfront whether or not they want to use it, rather than just signing in without asking as many other games do.

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In Gold Miner Rescue, there are a number of different areas that players can churn their way through.

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Each one of these areas has a number of different levels to it as well:


2015-11-30 10.24.47

When players start playing Gold Miner Rescue, each of the early levels gives players an idea of how to control the Miner and what to do.

2015-11-30 10.14.45


Essentially, players need to use the scroll button (the Eye) to move the viewpoint and then use the dig buttons in order to draw a path to the gold, and then subsequently his house to get him back home safe.

2015-11-30 10.15.53

Over time, this sort of gameplay can become repetitive, but if you notice the icons on the left of the display, these are used to put in ladders as well as TNT to spice things up, but you need to buy these with gold collected or purchased with in-app purchases.


2015-11-30 10.18.01

Ladders, for instance, can be helpful to get the Miner back up a tricky shaft that you've drawn out for him.

miner ladder


TNT, which is always good fun to see in any game, can be used to clear large chunks of rock as well as clear pretty difficult obstacles.

miner TNT

Gold Miner Rescue might not be the most exciting game out there, but I think this is something that will appeal to the more casual user out there, as well as perhaps younger players that want something simple yet appealing to play through. The gameplay and graphics are both fairly simple and basic, but this is again something that I think will appeal to younger and more casual players. I did enjoy how simple the controls were, but it does appear as though ladders and such are needed quite early on, which is when they are at their most expensive, unfortunately, as there's little gold to spend at that point. Either way, Gold Miner Rescue is what it is; a fun and simple game for Android that might not appeal to more demanding gamers, but will certainly put a smile on some younger players' faces.



  • Speed (4/5) – Gold Miner Rescue runs nice and smoothly, and the pace of the game is up to the player.
  • Features (3/5) – All-in-all, the gameplay here is fairly basic, although it does get more interesting in later levels, over time.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – Again, things here are a little basic-looking, with the same texture used quite frequently and so on, it can grow a little repetitive.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – With some better graphics, and more variety in the gameplay, Gold Miner Rescue would be a lot more fun, but for now it's still something for younger and more casual players, that's for sure.


  • Fun and simple gameplay will appeal to those looking for something easy to get into.
  • Controls are simple and straightforward, reducing the risk of someone getting confused about how to play or something similar.
  • Ladders and TNT help to spice things up in later levels and create some interesting strategies.
  • Gets steadily more challenging over time for those players willing to stick with the game.


  • Graphics do look a little basic and are often repeated throughout.
  • TNT and Ladders take quite some time to get as they need a lot of gold.

All-in-all, Gold Miner Rescue is a simple game that doesn't take much to get into, but ultimately offers quite a challenge for those that have spent some quality time with the game. Over time, with some improvements there's a lot that can be improved upon. Still, it's fun and easy to play which makes this a game for all the family as well as something that's definitely more relaxing than the other games out there.


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