Sponsored Game Review: Cleopatra Slot Machines Free

December 24, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

Cleopatra Slot Machines Free is an Android game for fans of slots and casino games. This slots game focuses on the style of old Egyptian motifs and designs as you travel along with Cleopatra to become a true Emperor. This is a completely free game to play, but to keep on playing users must have coins to bet on the slots with. These can either be bought with real money, or small amounts can be gained for free by watching an ad. As for winning coins, Cleopatra Slot Machines Free often pays out large sums of coins as well as offering players more than just one way to win coins. So, let’s take a closer look shall we?

Slots fans that are interested in trying something a little new can download Cleopatra Slot Machines Free from the Play Store for free. When you first start the game, players have a choice of different slots world to play.

2015-12-16 11.40.39

Each world is a little different from the first one, which looks like this:

2015-12-16 11.40.47

I was expecting a little something better in terms of presentation, but the later levels area little better-looking:

2015-12-16 11.42.33

When you spin a win, there’s a sort of pop-up that appears over the screen which sets everything off to let the player know that they’ve won a decent prize.

2015-12-16 11.40.57

There are more ways to win than just spinning slots as well, as sometimes players will score a sort of bonus, which present the players with some mini-games that can win them a little more money.

2015-12-16 11.41.23

Along with these opportunities to win a little more coins, there’s also free coins given to players that level up through the ranks, which is itself a nice way of rewarding players with a sense of achievement, too.

2015-12-16 11.41.42

Sadly, I found myself running out of coins pretty quickly while playing Cleopatra Slot Machines Free which left me having to purchase coins, although admittedly a thousand costs a dollar, which isn’t much.

2015-12-16 11.42.06

There is also the option of watching an ad as well, but this only gives you what basically works out as a single spin or so, so it’s not really giving you too much in return for watching that ad, really.

2015-12-16 11.42.57

Cleopatra Slot Machines Free is a pretty simple and almost basic slots game when all is said and done, which is a little disappointing, really. I was expecting a little more from the overall look and feel of the game as things don’t seem to be all that high-resolution and the music cuts in and than abruptly out again after each spin. There are few effects and there’s no background music on offer, either. Both of which are things that would help the game stand out a little more. Having said all that, for those looking for something simple and to the point, Cleopatra Slot Machines Free ticks a lot of the right boxes. While it’s difficult to keep getting free coins, it can be a lot easier than you’d think to win more than your fair share of coins.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here runs fairly quickly, but it would be nice to see some quicker load times here and there.
  • Theme (3/5) – There’s no background music and there’s not much in the way of high-resolution graphics or eye-catching visuals.
  • Features (3.5/5) – With just four different worlds on offer, and a singular theme running throughout there’s not too much on offer with Cleopatra Slot Machines Free overall, but it is a simple and fun slots game to get invested in.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – With some more free coins and a little extra polish, Cleopatra Slot Machines Free would be a nice game for those looking for a slots game for something a little different.


  • Simple and easy to get to grips with right from the get go.
  • Offers players free coins for watching ads as well as levelling up.
  • Fans of classic slots games will enjoy this sort of game in Cleopatra Slot Machines Free.
  • Completely free to download and play.


  • Doesn’t offer players a lot of free coins.
  • Could do with some more exciting designs and sound effects.

All-in-all, Cleopatra Slot Machines Free is a fun and simple slots game that will please those looking for something basic that’s completely free to play. The only problem is that there are few opportunities to get free coins and there’s not much in terms of presentation or sound effects. For fans of slots and casino games, this is something that will please, but it could do with a little more depth overall.