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World Movies is an Android app that allows users to take a look at Box Offices all over the world from one small Android app. It ranks films in their respective territory from number 1 down, and it allows viewers to watch the trailer for each film there and then from the app, as well as quickly Google search the film's title to find out more information. It will even translate move titles into your native language to make looking up results and reading more easier for people. A simple and fun Android app that allows people to explore the world of cinema no matter where they are, World Movies is completely free to download and use, so let's take it for a spin.

First thing's first, World Movies needs to be downloaded from the Play Store in order to work. Once installed and launched, it'll take your o the default USA box office first.


2015-12-09 11.08.29

Now, I don't live in the US, but in the UK so I simply need to swipe through the different pages to get access to the Box Office here at home for me.

2015-12-09 11.08.36


It was interesting to see how these Box Offices varied, if even only by a little bit. The main attractive of World Movies is the ability to just tap on a film you might have heard about, or that is highly ranked in the Box Office lists here and then watch the trailer there and then on your smartphone.

2015-12-09 11.09.04

Furthermore, you can hit the menu button by each title and then ask for "Info", this then takes you to Google.


2015-12-09 11.09.18

There's a floor with this however, as the app sent me to Google.co.kr, the Korean Google page. This means that all of the extra help of finding cinema times near me that Google UK would give me does not show up here. To improve on this, World Movies should default to the local Google page of each menu.

What's nice about this little app, is that I can take a look at films from all over the world, great for those interested in world cinema. I can easily take a look at movies from Japan for instance, which could help me see what the latest Anime hit is over there.


2015-12-09 11.19.03

One extra feature here is that World Movies can translate film titles. So here I am looking at Japanese films, I can ask for these to be translated into English for me, as you can see:

2015-12-10 15.50.41


World Movies is an extremely simple little app, but that's part of its appeal. After all, there's no need to try and replace other apps and services in specific regions as these are already established and useful for people where they live. Instead, this is an app to give moviegoers a quick look at what's popular and a way of finding out more about the film.

I was a little disappointed to see that the app didn't default to the Google region of whichever list I was looking at, but perhaps this can be fixed in a later version. It does however, instantly translate movie titles to your native language though. For those that enjoy going to the theater purely for the fun of it, it can be difficult to plan ahead of time if you're not clued up on the latest releases. With this neat little app, World Movies gives viewers a simple and hassle free way of getting information on what's popular and a quick viewing of the trailer. This is never going to be an app that would replace already existing solutions closer to room, but it makes for a simple and free addition to those apps as well as a nice app for users that use Google for movie times and such.


  • Speed (4/5) – World Movies launches quickly, finds movies quickly and loads up trailers nice and quickly as well, without any issues.
  • Features (4/5) – It might be a simple little app, but it has its uses and will definitely be a welcome addition to the app arsenal of any serious moviegoer. Translating film titles is also a helpful feature neatly worked in.
  • Theme (4/5) – A simple and straightforward Material Design theme is used throughout here and it really works well.
  • Overall (4/5) – A solid, approachable little app, World Movies gets its job done right, and doesn't mess about getting people the simple information they need.


  • Lets movie fans see what's popular all over the world, not just at home, making this great for world cinema fans.
  • Quickly searches Google for more information on a film of your choice, making it easy to find times as well as book tickets.
  • Doesn't try to replace existing apps for certain cinema chains or whatever, it's just a nice compliment to those.
  • Offers users a way to translate move titles there and then in the app.


  • Doesn't send users to their local Google Search homepage, sadly.
  • Linking to official film websites would be a nice addition, as well as more than one trailer option.

Overall, World Movies is a nice and pleasant approach to getting movie information on your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. It might not be the most fully-featured movie app out there, but it sure as hell gets the job done and it doesn't mess people about. For finding out more about the latest films as well as seeing where and how they're ranked all over the globe. Simple, easy to use and a good compliment to the other existing cinema apps out there, World Movies is worth a try.



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