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Seed4Me VPN is an Android app that offers users the ability to stay connected while also staying safe no matter where they are. A VPN is essentially a way to make sure that your information isn't intercepted as you browse the web, it does this by encrypting your data and masking your IP address and location. This also unlocks geolocked content such as certain TV or movies just because you're online in a different region. With Seed4 Me VPN and Android Headlines, users can get six months worth of unlimited VPN access for free! With an account, users can use this access across multiple devices, and extending it is also affordable. So, let's take a look at what this VPN app has to offer.

As with most other VPN apps for Android, users will need to download Seed4 Me VPN from the Play Store. It's also available in Amazon's App Store for the Kindle Fire line of tablets here, as well as on iOS here.


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When Seed4 Me VPN is first launched, there's an introduction, and a simple way to get connected, users just need to hit continue and they can get started. There are a handful of different locations that users can connect to as well.

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This is a good feature, because it allows users from further flung regions of the world to connect to more Western nations and get access to popular movies and TV that would otherwise be locked away. When you're connected, your IP address will change, and as we said, with Android Headlines and this review you can get access to six months' worth of unlimited VPN access for free. As we can see it says I am protected and have access until June 2016.

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One thing that you need to be aware of with all VPN apps like this one, is that when you use a VPN, all of your traffic will pass through another server en route to its final destination.


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With that said, I wanted to make sure that Seed4 Me VPN actually does what it says it does, so I first checked my IP with Google, and could see that they matched up.

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Then I checked to see if my location was identified as well. I live in the UK, so when I chose the United States and sure enough my location was shown to be somewhere in the US of A.

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Seed4 Me VPN is an unlimited VPN, which means that there are no data caps or speed throttling or anything of the sort. While our review period is getting users six months worth of free service, this can be extended should people wish to get more protection.


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I don't think this is unreasonable pricing here, but I do have to say that there are cheaper VPN models out there. Of course, not all of them include the option to have an account to use across the majority of your devices, like this does.

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Also Seed4 Me VPN offers users the opportunity to get a little more for free by sharing the love:

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There's one thing that I didn't appreciate when using Seed4.Me VPN Proxy, and that's the persistent notification that keeps on appearing asking you to connect to a VPN.


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However, this can be removed by long-pressing on the notification and then changing one of the options that appears.

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All-in-all, Seed4 Me VPN is a great little VPN app, it's put together with a high level of polish, the interface is nice and easy to follow, and there's little to get in the way of getting online quickly in a safe manner. It would be nice if the persistent notification could be toggled on or off, but this will prove useful for a lot of people. Thanks to the free six months offer that Seed4 Me VPN is running with our review of the app, this has a lot of value to it as well. After all, six months of unlimited VPN is pretty pricey depending on which VPN app you end up using. With quick connection times, a variety of different locations all over the world and more, there's a lot on offer here with Seed4 Me VPN.


  • Speed (4/5) – Everything here runs nice and quickly, with little to no waiting needed.
  • Features (4/5) – While operating like most other VPN apps, Seed4 Me VPN works well and offers competitive pricing on connections to a number of popular locations without any limits. Users can also use the same account across different devices.
  • Theme (4/5) – While everything looks good here, and is easy to use, the font size is a little on the large size.
  • Overall (4/5) – With a clean interface and easy to follow instructions, and a VPN service that works well with no hassle, Seed4 Me VPN ticks all of the right boxes.


  • Offers 11 popular locations across the globe for quick connections in an instance.
  • Competitive prices on unlimited VPN access.
  • Free VPN access can be obtained by sharing with friends and such.
  • One single account works across iOS, Android and your computers.


  • Persistent notification can be a little annoying.
  • Font size in Android app is a little on the large size.

Seed4 Me VPN Proxy is a complete VPN solution no matter what platform you want to use to get online with, and it all works nice and quickly, too. With Android Headlines and this review, users will get six months worth of free VPN access, which is a high value. Not to mention, there are 11 popular locations all over the world to connect to, and it absolutely works as it should do.




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