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SecureMMX Encrypted Messenger is an Android app that wants to protect people from prying governments as well as keep their information private and secure. Developed by security experts SecureDDX, this messaging app features full end-to-end encryption with keys stored on your device, never on a server somewhere out of your control. Messages are automatically deleted after a certain period of time, and users can take it upon themselves to remote wipe another person's messaging screen as well as their own. No Metadata is sent using SecureMMX and anyone trying to sniff data between you and your recipient will see nothing but encrypted data.

As with most other messaging apps on Android, users can download SecureMMX from the Play Store. While there's no need to hand over too much of your personal information here, you will only need to fork over an email address.


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Of course, once you have your email verified and everything setup, you'll need to go ahead and add some contacts, which seems pretty simple.

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You can add people using email addresses or from their display name in your address book. Contact requests from other people are shown in another column, and it's up to you if they can chat with you or not.

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When you first start a chat with someone, you'll be informed of the encryption and such, which is a nice touch we feel. You neeed to exchange a few messages before the encryption padlock goes closes and goes blue which means the chat session has gone encrypted.



Of course, Secure MMX is much more than just a text messenger, and it can be used for sending images and videos, all of which appear inline as well meaning they don't get saved on your recipients device.

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Something that the privacy conscious will enjoy as well is the fact that messages can be remotely cleared by using the icon found in the top-right of the display.


You can also choose how often the messages are wiped from your device as well as set up a PIN to log in so you don't have to type your email and password every time.



When messages are cleared, Secure MMX gets the job done, and the messages will no longer appear on either device, and they are not stored on any server somewhere, either.



Secure MMX is an interesting Android app, it's main focus is making sure that everything you send is private and secure, both at your end and the other end. Everything is encrypted end-to-end and nothing is stored on a server. With the ability to remotely wipe a conversation whenever and wherever you want, this is definitely a security-driven messenger, and there aren't enough of those that focus solely on being secure. Having said that, the Android app feels as if it's a direct port of the iPhone app, right down to the font and the iOS-style buttons and switches. This is something that Android users hate to see, and it does make us wonder how much effort was to put into the Android version of Secure MMX.


  • Speed (4/5) – There were no issues with how quick Secure MMX is and everything ran nice and smoothly from the get go.
  • Features (4/5) – If you're looking for a messaging app that's very much security-focused, Secure MMX is that Android app, and it's extremely secure and it keeps your privacy intact.
  • Theme (3/5) – Why the app looks like an iPhone app is a head-scratcher, but with Material Design on Android there's little excuse to create something that looks just like an iPhone app.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the iPhone look and feel of the app, Secure MMX is one hell of a messenger, and it's one of the few that wants to protect your privacy first, rather than as an afterthought as many other Android apps do.


  • Uses end-to-end encryption as standard for every single chat that you have with Secure MMX.
  • Allows users to remotely wipe conversations no matter where they are.
  • Lets users share photos and other media types as well, using the same sort of security as text.
  • PIN lock helps to secure things on your device, preventing people snooping into conversations and so on.


  • Looks far too much like an iPhone app for a 2015 Android app.
  • Service is not free forever, but isn't that expensive.

All-in-all, Secure MMX is a great Android app for those that are looking for a messaging application that is concerned with your privacy more than anything else. A lot of other apps out there offer up some sort of security, but they often do it as an afterthought. With Secure MMX that's not the case, and it's something that a lot of people will no doubt enjoy. Being able to control your chat information is a powerful thing, and Secure MMX is the app that puts that power back in the user's hands.


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