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Learn English Words Free is an Android app from the folks at Languagecourse.net and as the name suggests it's entirely free to use. An app that builds up simple vocabulary – while also offering some more complicated words as well – this is not something to teach grammar, but rather build confidence through quick and easy learning. Building a vocabulary is super-important to learn a language, and Learn English Words Free does that with a new learning method that has small repetitions throughout to reinforce learning as users keep going. With as much as 10,000 words to learn across different difficulty levels, Learn English Words Free has high-quality audio in a number of different languages to listen and match words and even use the audio-only mode to learn while you're on the move.

As with other apps out there, users can download Learn English Words Free from the Play Store. For those that want to use the same app to learn different languages there are a multitude of different languages to choose from here. A web version is also available at http://www.languagecourse.net which you can access from your PC. A cloud syncing functionality makes sure that your progress is saved even if you switch between the web version from your PC and the smartphone app.


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Now, considering that my native language is English, it wouldn't be that a good txt of an app like this, would it? So, I chose Spanish as I know a little Spanish, and I feel like a lot of Spanish users would want to use this app to learn English. Learn English Words Free starts off by asking you to choose a course. The beginner phrases are great for complete novices and those that have studied English, but need some refreshing can jump on during a later course that is more challenging.

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Then the app asks you some questions about why you want to learn English and how much time you can give to the app each day.

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One of the things that set Learn English Words Free apart from the rest is the new way of learning new words, using something called Superlearning. Users can choose to use this or not, it's up to them.


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I tried this new mode out, and it gives you a sort of lesson to take in both visually and audibly. Users need to listen to things as the lesson goes on, and they can pause it or skip to the next word, but the idea is that the information is soaked up in a natural manner.

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Once users have watched this, they'll then need to go through a sort of test afterwards, which will test the retention of the new words.

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Both the intro of the Vocabulary Trainer as well as the questions afterwards mix things up with a combination of images, no images and just words you need to listen to. At any time users can change the speed of these tests as well, which is good for users of all ages.


english words speed

Students of the app can take a look at the words that they've been learning, as well as see how many times they have answered questions on those words correctly.

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There are settings that users can change here, including the ability to change their native language whenever they want.

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These settings allows users to change a number of things, including turning on or off the audio side of things, and to just tailor the learning experience to be just how users want it to be.


While I was in High School, I studied Spanish, German as well as Japanese, some more than others but I wish I had an app like this. Flashcards, which is what this app mostly focuses on, are a great way of learning new words, but also to get the brain going and put people in the right frame of mind to learn. That's what Learn English Words Free can do for students and people looking to teach themselves, the high-quality audio is easy to understand, and it's easily one of the better apps for learning words in this manner. For a free app I am surprised by how much content is available here, and there's really a lot to love about the overall interface. For me though, I thought the Superlearning mode was a real high point for the app, as it encouraged quick learning, yet learning that is also of good quality, too.


  • Speed (4/5) – Learn English Words Free runs nice and smoothly, and it's very quick on the majority of hardware.
  • Features (5/5) – For a free app, this has so much on offer that it's near impossible to argue with. The audio sounds great, it's simple to use and yet also extremely effective as well. A great tool to build your vocabulary and to keep your brain sharp when learning a new language.
  • Theme (3.5/5) – This is perhaps the only thing that needs work here. The audio is excellent, but the overall look and feel of the Android app could definitely be better. It feels a little dated, but the images and audio quality definitely bring things up a notch.
  • Overall (4/5) – With so much on offer for both new and existing English students, Learn English Words Free is a great app to get started with, or to refresh your memory. As both a companion app to your studies as well as a standalone experience, there's a lot on offer.


  • Works well on all sorts of hardware, regardless of age or processing power.
  • Has a lot to offer both existing English students as well as those just getting started.
  • Superlearning mode makes it nice and easy for students to soak in new content and test themselves at the same time.
  • Audio files here are extremely high quality and have a lot to offer those looking to just listen as they go about their day.


  • Android app itself is not the best-looking out there, but the audio and images are good.
  • Might not be too good an option for those that are a little on the younger side of learning.

Overall, Learn English Words Free has oodles of content on offer, all for free and it comes together nicely. The Android app itself might not be the best-looking out there, but the high-quality audio and easily-understood images make up for this in droves. As flashcard apps and vocabulary building apps go, this has everything you'd want, without the associated price tag, either.


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