Sponsored App Review: Anime Pictures

Anime Pictures 2

Anime Pictures is an Android app that allows users to find anime pictures and anime wallpapers wherever and whenever they want on their device. Users can search for tags and such to find their favorite characters or favorite shows and they can even search by resolution to find the perfect image. There are both HD and QHD wallpapers available in the Anime Pictures app and there are thousands and thousands of different images to choose from. For anime fans all over the world, this is a simple and easy app to use in order to get the anime pictures and wallpapers that you want on to your device. So, let's take a closer look shall we?

For those that want to see what Anime Pictures has to offer, they can download it from the Play Store for free here. Once installed, the app will launch and present you with the first page of all the wallpapers available.


2015-12-07 13.46.12

As you can see, there are thousands and thousands of different images to choose from, but just scrolling through one page after another can be something of a chore, so there's a pull-out menu to make things a little easier for users.

2015-12-07 13.47.19

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From this menu you can choose to remove ads, or register with the app, although it's not entirely clear what that actually gets you in the long-run.

2015-12-07 13.48.02

The search feature of Anime Pictures is a welcome addition, and users can configure it somewhat using the 'Search Filters' part of the menu. Users looking to get an image that matches their device's wallpaper perfectly can just hit the button and it will automatically fill it in, and you can also change these values to be whatever the hell you want, too. You can also choose how to sort the search results as well.


2015-12-07 13.48.21

It is a little annoying that you have to set these filters up for each and every search before you do them, but at least the search part of the app is smart and easy to use.

2015-12-07 13.49.07


Choosing 'full moon' got me some fairly accurate search results:

2015-12-07 13.49.17

When you find an image that matches what you were looking for, or you just like it, then you can go ahead and open it up, get a closer look at it and even share it from the same screen.


2015-12-07 13.49.24

You can download images if you want, but sadly there's no way to set the image as a wallpaper there and then, leaving users needing to use a file browser or something similar to finish the job. On the upside, you are then free to do whatever you want with your download image.

Anime fans are an interesting bunch of people, and I myself enjoy a number of Anime series and shows – such as the excellent Mobile Suit Gundam line of series – however, I am acutely aware that a lot of male anime fans are only interested in images of anime girls in shall we say, interesting, poses. With Anime Pictures, there is a lot of that as you search through page after page of images, but a quick search for what you want will find you a decent selection of anime pictures from all kinds of series as well as genres.



  • Speed (4/5) – Anime Pictures is a fairly simple and easy to use app, so it's no surprise to see that it loads and runs quickly.
  • Features (3/5) – While it definitely delivers on its promise, it's not all that easy to use where searching for things is concerned, and there's no way to set a wallpaper right from within the app, which is the main reason people will be using this app.
  • Theme (4/5) – The user interface here is fairly easy to use, and the images available are all good-looking and some available in high-resolution.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – With a few improvements here and there, Anime Pictures would be a much better app, after all it has the content available, and just needs some extra polish here and there.


  • Lots and lots of different anime pictures on offer from all sorts of different shows and genres.
  • Precise resolution option in the search filters options makes it easy for fans to find exactly what they want, whenever they want.
  • Search auto-completes for popular series and popular search terms.
  • Downloads directly to your device, so that users can do whatever they want with the images.


  • No way to sort quickly by HD or QHD.
  • Doesn't offer a way to easily set as wallpaper from within the app.

As Android apps go, Anime Pictures is refreshingly simple in its approach, and totally delivers on what it says it does. It's an app that's designed to offer users a simple and easy way to get access to anime pictures across all sorts of different genres and anime shows. Users can do whatever they want with the images and there's a huge selection on offer as well.