Songza To close January, Users To Join Google Play Music

December 2, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Streaming has become increasingly big business of late. With more consumers using their mobile devices to access services like music and video subscriptions and with devices becoming more data demanding, while also becoming more finite in their amount of local storage, it does seem to make sense that streaming is a natural solution. In fact, this could be the logic behind the very recent suggestions that Google is looking to place a greater emphasis on the streaming of apps.

Well, regardless of the app situation, Google already is hard at work at perfecting their other streaming services like the music service the provide through Google Play Music. Similar to the likes of Spotify, Play Music allows users to stream all the music they can eat for a dedicated monthly fee. In an attempt to improve the service, back in July of last year, the news broke (after much speculation) that Google were acquiring Songza, an already established and popular music streaming service. For some, that might have spelled the end for Songza with the service being one which would be assumed to be more integrated into Google’s own services in due course. However, on the face of it, that did not seem to be the case. Yes, Google did adopt many of the features of Songza over the following month and year, including the Concierge feature as well as curated playlists, although, Songza remained in business.

Well, that has now come full circle and Songza has now confirmed that they are winding up the business. During the announcement (which seems to have come through a YouTube update that you can watch below) the team behind Songza has confirmed that January 31st the service will come to a close. It will not be fully abandoned though and instead, the team do highlight that Songza will live on in some capacity though Play Music. In short, it is now being fully absorbed by Play Music. For those who do use the Songza service, it does seem that the team are looking to make the transition as smooth as possible and it is being reported that from today, users will begin to start seeing an “I’m In” message appearing on Songza. By agreeing to be ‘in’ their service and account will be migrated over to Play Music with all their playlists and settings imported over.