Samsung Pay Shown Off In New Commercial

Samsung Pay Commercial AH

Samsung Pay has been, for all intents and purposes, a runaway success. Most users who have access to it won’t need any commercials to remind them of that, especially with new features and expansion to more different phones on the horizon. Some, however, may have a favorite OEM who’s not Samsung, or own an older phone that’s not compatible. For these people, Samsung has a new commercial showing off just how easy Samsung Pay is to use, marketing it as a flagship feature of their flagship phones, though it should soon come to older flagships and even the mid-range lines. In this commercial, we’re shown that Samsung Pay will work pretty much anywhere your credit or debit card will.

In this commercial, we see a man make his way to the counter of a small store to make a transaction. The little mom and pop shop has yet to upgrade to an NFC terminal that can accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and the like. As such, the old couple behind the counter shows some understandable doubt when the man’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5 swoops down to kiss the terminal. In the middle of their explanation to him about not having the proper equipment, the transaction goes through without a hitch. The couple share a bit of a shocked expression while the man doing the paying grins on, content in the knowledge that his futuristic Samsung device has all but freed him from fighting with his wallet to pull out his archaic plastic.

Thanks to the MST, or Magnetic Secure Transmission, standard built into Samsung Pay, any terminal that will accept magnetic strip-based cards will accept Samsung Pay. Just about the only situation you’d still need your plastic, that being the case, is if the card machine is busted and the establishment has to make a paper imprint of your card the old-fashioned way. With modern terminals, so long as they’re well-kept, this almost never happens. Thus, the message of the commercial is clear; Android Pay and Apple Pay are great and all, but Samsung Pay is accepted anywhere your credit card is. Those who despise TouchWiz, don’t like Samsung’s hardware or don’t want to buy a Samsung for any other reason may just find this feature flips the script a bit.