Samsung Patent Shows Foldable Smartphone With Projector

samsung foldable projector smartphone

When it comes to Samsung devices, it is starting to feel like nothing is out of bounds or out of the realms of possibility. The last twelve months alone have seen this ‘anything is possible’ approach from Samsung with the company releasing the double edge variant of the Galaxy S6, as well as a super-sized tablet. That said, not all of Samsung’s ideas and conceptions always make it to market or even past the design stage. Thankfully though, regardless of which products make it to market, the number of patents the company files does at least provide some insight into Samsung’s thinking.

More recently, a lot of the Samsung patent news has revolved around what seems to be a foldable smartphone. While foldable phones are not exactly new, the difference here is the emphasis on the display being the foldable element, which is a lot more modern than the traditional foldable nature of flip phones.

Well, following on from what seems to be an intention to bring a foldable display smartphone to market, a new patent has now been spotted which takes the foldable ideal a little further. This patent once again does highlight a design which makes use of a foldable nature. However, where this patent differs is that it seems the smartphone also contains some sort of projector as well. Again, the projector won’t be considered a new aspect on a smartphone as many tablets already offer a similar feature and Samsung even included one on a smartphone before with their Galaxy Beam smartphone. However, the use of the foldable display and the projector combined on one smartphone does make for some interesting reading. In fact, this was a patent which was recently reported on a couple of days ago, although at the time, the filing of the patent was only being noted, while now we have an image highlighting how the device is expected to look if it does arrives on the market. The previous report noted how the projector in question is one which will offer some form of 3D holographic representations. Of course, details on the inner workings of the projector or what it can really do continue to remain an unknown for now.