Samsung's New 128GB Pro Plus Micro SD Card Now Available

Samsung may not offer expandable storage in their flagship lineup of devices, at least not for this year, but they do still manufacture memory cards both in micro and standard SD sizes, and today they have just unveiled a new microSD card labeled as their Pro Plus card coming in with a storage amount of 128GB. This new card joins the lineup of already existing flash memory options which Samsung has out on the market, also in 128GB sizes and capable of being used with multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, and more. Samsung also has a number of other cards already in the Pro Plus lineup in varying smaller sizes of 64GB and 32GB as well.

The Pro Plus cards are capable of a much faster transfer speed when attempting to move the files on or off the card to and from other devices, and in such a high storage capacity this makes Samsung's new card announced today a little hefty on the cost, as the price is set at $199. Having said that, this won't be the best microSD card option for everyone, and is generally not going to be something most people will want to use inside of their smartphones as any number of cheaper cards that Samsung offers will suffice.

Samsung states that because of the high transfer speed compared to something like their existing EVO cards, the new Pro Plus 128GB cards are perfect for storing high-quality photos, 4K video and other files that are typically large in file size. This also makes the 128GB capacity a good size to have as consumers wouldn't have to expect to run out of space very soon. The cards also carry a decent set of protection standards, as Samsung mentions they are waterproof, magnetic-proof, temperature proof, and x-ray proof. Samsung already has these cards on sale and they state availability is global, reaching more than 50 countries including the U.S., China, Europe, Korea, and other regions. Unfortunately, it seems they are only available from Samsung's own website at the moment, but they should eventually pop up on other online retailers as well as in physical brick and mortar stores.

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