Samsung Gear S2 Receiving Battery Optimization Update

Samsung Gear S2 AH message 2

Clocks have come a long way since the 13th-century. Over the years, they have developed dramatically into different shapes and sizes. Watches, not to be confused with clocks, have also stamped their way into time around the 15 century. In fact, the change has been quite dramatically improved over the years depending on style and design. The first watch ever made was in Germany, by Peter Henlein, a locksmith who made nothing other than a clock that was portable. It was so heavy that the clock had to be worn by a special belt and hung around the waist and carried around awkwardly. But as precious time has gone by and with careful ingenuity, the watch has developed into something of a novelty and time sake that has been a treasure of our forefathers who have past. And so it is so as with the Smartwatch indenting its mark into history as its own timepiece.

Now that Samsung has released its own many version of smartwatches just as many other companies have, they need to be updated just like our everyday smartphone you see. Samsung’s Gear S2, announced back in August and released in October, is receiving a software update to version R730TUVU1AOL3. The update is a fairly small one coming in at 4.85 MB (Megabytes). Among improvements that can be found is only battery life optimizations. But that in itself is an amazing improvement.

There are a few differences in updating your watch unlike that of your everyday smartphone. You first will need to have your smartphone in hand. You will then need to find and launch the Samsung Gear app that can be found in your apps folder, usually located on the home screen unless otherwise set differently. Scroll to settings, About Gear, and then hit Update Gear Software. You will now have updated your Samsung Gear S2.

Even though the update is currently a small improvement featuring only battery life optimizations, Samsung’s claim of receiving two days of battery life can always be improved. So this update does justify a look. After all, who wants to wear a watch that has to be charged every day. Personally, I’d rather tug around the 15-century clock around my waist.