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Samsung has been back in the news a lot over the last twenty four hours, thanks to what seems to be a change of sorts at the top of the corporate ladder for its smartphone side of the business. However, its smartphone business is only part of the bigger picture for Samsung, as well as being invested in a whole host of other industries, they are also looking forward and looking to be part of the next generation of thinking when it comes to what is defined as a mobile device. Their smartwatch portfolio is growing rapidly and it looks like their virtual reality portfolio is also set to be a big part of their future growth. A couple of weeks ago, Samsung released the second of their mainstream virtual reality Gear VR headsets with the difference being the latest one, is one which is far more affordable. Today, Samsung has made another announcement which looks to highlight how much they are investing in the virtual reality ecosystem as a whole. This latest announcement from Samsung has introduced what the company refers to as its "Optimized Web Browser for Gear VR".

The name is rather self-explanatory and this is designed to be a self-sufficient and independent web browser which is specifically designed for the virtual reality realm. Albeit, with a specific focus on their Gear VR products. While the big selling point for a VR-enabled web browser will be the advanced degree to which a user can engage, immerse and interact with the internet, what is equally as interesting, is that this is a web browser that can act as a standalone product. In short, it does not require any additional software to be installed on a smartphone.


In terms of the experience, Samsung notes that the VR-based browser supports 360-degree and 3D video streaming. That is, in addition to web-based HTML5 content too. Samsung also points out that to make the browsing experience more natural, the browser also supports voice recognition as well as an on-screen keyboard functionality. Not forgetting that the browser can make use of a Gaze mode as well, where users can select content just by gazing at it. Below are a few images provided by Samsung detailing what the interface looks and works like.

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