Rumor: Samsung Working On New Virtual Assistant

AH 2015 Samsung LOGO 125

This year has been an interesting year for devices which have gotten smarter. In fact, devices are becoming so smart that we rely on them to remind, advise and offer information for a number of aspects of our lives. Likewise, manufacturers and software developers have really used the last year to push forward applications which can better help us obtain that information quicker, more directly and more thoroughly. A prime example of such ‘help’ comes in the form of virtual assistants.

Quite possible the most famous of which (at least from the Android perspective) is “OK Google” functionality. Ask it anything and it will provide you with an answer, if it knows of course. Likewise, if you are of an Apple persuasion, then you have Siri offering you much of the same functionality. This year though, also saw Microsoft bringing their virtual assistant, Cortana to Android. This has been a service which had long been in development and went through various stages before finally seeing its full and proper release. Well, following in the footsteps of Microsoft, Apple and Google, the latest rumors coming through suggests Samsung might be working on their own virtual assistant too.

In terms of the details, literally nothing is known. In fact, the very notion of Samsung working on the virtual assistant has only come from a tweet from a Samsung tipster. As such, beyond the actual possibility, the details are minimal at best. The tweet simply looks to confirm that Samsung is working on a virtual assistant and that it will somehow be based on, or make use of, Samsung’s S Voice app. Other than this, the only other details is that it will be more in-depth than simply S Voice and will make use of search engine integration and “clever notifications“. Of course, with IFA just around the corner, it could be expected that an announcement may come through at the event and it might. Although, the better bet for such an announcement would be during the next calendar event at MWC and possibly alongside an appearance by the Samsung Galaxy S7, if the smartphone is not launched earlier, that is.