Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S7 To Feature Iris Scanner

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Let’s say for a second that we were to believe in all the rumors we were to hear. Well then, it would most certainly make for a boring or exciting life, depending on your take of it. But that’s what grabs our attention and makes them interesting anyway. Whether there’s a hint of truth to them or not we still want to know the possibility of knowing something before it has even been released. The same goes for none other than the unveiled Samsung Galaxy S7 series. There’s always quite a bit of rumors surrounding Samsung’s unreleased behemoth of a phone every year. This year is no different.

Today there has been the latest of rumors released, stating again that the Galaxy S7 will feature an Iris Scanner. Among other phones to have been rumored years ago to feature this hyping spec was the Galaxy S5 which we obviously know, did not turn out to be true. Even after the Galaxy S6 came out and did not feature the Iris Scanner, eventually the rumor floated away into the abyss. Now were back to ground zero again, with speculation running wild. Another phone that we have covered this year to feature the same Iris Scanner, as well as a featuring a fingerprint scanner, is the LG G5, which is due to arrive in early February.

The Galaxy S7 is also rumored to cost even more than its predecessor because of this feature. Samsung, with its already high-priced phones, might see customers a little objective to this, considering last year’s phone was at an all time high for Samsung’s Galaxy series. While we already have heard that the Galaxy S7 will most likely be about the same size as well as the same design of its predecessor, the Galaxy S6, we have also heard some other specs rumored to be released. Among these are a “Force Touch” display, which is much like Apple’s “3D Touch” pressure sensitive display, and even more interesting, the return of expandable storage, which is known to be something of a favorite in the Android Community. Granted, there is still many weeks to go before being released, the Samsung Galaxy S7, is sure to see its fair share of more rumors.