Rumor: OnePlus And Oppo To Become One, Merger A Possibility?

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OnePlus and Oppo are two separate China-based companies, but some documents leaked last year proving that OnePlus is actually owned by Oppo. The company has denied that, in a way, though they did admit that one of their investors is Oppo Electronics (not Oppo Mobile). Either way, all of this is really confusing, but becomes really interesting if we take the latest rumor into account, read on.

A new rumor has surfaced in China recently which says that Oppo and OnePlus might actually merge soon. Now, some documents even leaked adding some fuel to those rumors, and according to those documents, the new company will feature the words ‘Oppo’ and ‘Plus’ in its name. Rumors are also saying that Hydrogen OS might become a thing of the past, and OnePlus might actually blend into Oppo as soon as this new company comes to life. Now, before anyone starts panicking, please do note that this is not an official confirmation, nor anything of the sort. This is a rumor accompanied by a rather unreliable document, and it remains to be seen what comes next.

Make sure to take this rumor with a grain of salt because OnePlus has been doing really well ever since the company was founded. They have been lacking in China as far as sales go, which is probably why these merger rumors surfaced in the first place. Oppo is doing quite well in China, while OnePlus is doing really well outside of it. Either way, we cannot confirm, nor deny these rumors, for now, and will be on the lookout for any additional information which will shed some light to all this.

It is worth saying that most of you are quite probably more familiar with OnePlus’ smartphones, than with Oppo’s offerings, which is completely understandable. Oppo is, first and foremost, a China-focused smartphone manufacturer which is not that present outside of Asia, OnePlus is a completely different story. This company actually sells their handsets all over the world, many people can purchase one of their devices from their official website and the company will ship the device your way. Either way, stay tuned for more info.

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