RUMOR: LG G5 Will have Dual Displays & Hardware Expansion

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The LG G5 launch is coming up pretty soon. If previous years tell us anything, we'll likely see the announcement happen in March this year (each year it's about a month to six weeks earlier then the previous year). Although no dates have been set in stone by the South Korean manufacturer just yet. However, famed leaked Evan Blass or @Evleaks, has just posted a few features that the upcoming flagship from LG might feature. Evan is normally spot on with these leaks, so there's a chance that everything here could come to fruition in a few months.

First up, it appears the dual-display thing isn't going away. The "ticker" from the LG V10 released this fall, is said to be coming to the LG G5. And while we're talking about the display, the LG G5 is said to feature a smaller, 5.3-inch display. It'll still have a resolution of 2560×1440 though. Blass is also stating that this will be a headlining feature for LG in 2016. With the ticker display coming to multiple smartphones from the company.


There's also word that there will be "hardware expansion" included in the LG G5. There is said to be a "Magic Slot", while Blass was unable to tell us exactly what the slot might do, he does explain that it could enable some functional expansion using modules. Sort of like Project Ara. Some of the examples cited include 360 VR, "party" and action cameras, as well as an audio amplifier or even a physical keyboard.


On the battery side of things, LG is looking to give us a slightly smaller battery on the LG G5. We're looking at a 2800mAh battery here compared to the 3000mAh battery on the LG G4. It's also going to be removable, still. This may not be an issue, seeing as we do have a smaller screen this time around, and of course, a better more efficient processor inside. No word on a microSD card slot this time around, but that may change. There will also be a fingerprint reader on the LG G5, similar to the Nexus 5X. But no confirmation on an iris scanner which has been talked about quite a bit.

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Finally, we're looking at a wide-angle camera coming on the LG G5 (also mentioned is that it'll launch with Marshmallow, and powered by the Snapdragon 820). You may remember on the LG V10, there were two camera lenses on the front, to give us a wide-angle camera. LG is taking that approach to the back-side now. Which will give that 16-megapixel camera a 135-degree wide-angle shot. Between the two camera lenses we have two LED flash, as well as laser auto-focus making a return. The fourth element there is an RGB sensor. This is supposedly going to assist with auto focus and such.

It's important to note that these are all rumors and leaks, hence they should be treated as such. We should learn more about the LG G5 in the next few months.