Report: Xiaomi's 12.5" Notebook To Be Available In April

Xiaomi Logo AH 03622

Xiaomi is, first and foremost, a smartphone manufacturer. This company released a ton of smartphones this year, but phones are not Xiaomi’s only products, not by a long shot. This company actually manufactures smart TVs, fitness bands, tablets… and a number of other smart gadgets. Well, Xiaomi is about to enter the laptop world as well soon, at least according to Inventec. This Taiwan-based company has revealed a while back that they’re getting ready to manufacture Xiaomi-branded laptops which will be available in January next year. Well, a new report surfaced sharing some more details regarding all this, read on.

According to a report by DigiTimes, Inventec will manufacture Xiaomi’s 12.5-inch laptops at its factory in Shanghai, and the laptop / notebook will be ready for shipping in April 2016. This info actually comes from Taiwan-based supply chain makers, at least according to the source. Some reports were claiming that Xiaomi plans to manufacture both 12.5 and 13.3-inch notebooks, and Inventec and Compal Electronics were supposed to be manufacturing them. These two notebooks were supposed to be launched at the same time, but it seems like Xiaomi will launch the 12.5-inch model first, presumably to test out the market and see if the device will sell well or not. Now, this report also reveals that the 12.5-inch notebook will resemble Apple’s MacBook Air, and that it will cost 2,999 Yuan ($470) once Xiaomi releases it. Most of the components of this notebook will be supplied by Chinese makers by the way.

Next year is very important for Xiaomi, the company has been doing great in 2014, and this year has also been very successful for the company, even though it remains to be seen if they’ll reach their sales target goal. Xiaomi is not only planning to release a notebook, but they might all expand to new markets in 2016, including the US market, which will surely going to be interesting. This Chinese smartphone manufacturer sure has big plans, and it remains to be seen what happens next. We’ll report back as soon as more Xiaomi Notebook details surface, stay tuned.