Report: LG To Release An All-New Handset With A Curved Display

LG is, much like Samsung, known to experiment with their smartphone releases. Back in 2013, the company has released the G Flex device which has a curved display, but not like the one on the S6 Edge (Plus), G Flex's display was curved the other way around, and the phone itself was curved because of it. This Korea-based company actually released its successor in January this year, and it seemed like we'll see the third-gen G Flex handset launched next month, but according to a recent report, that won't happen. The report actually said that the G Flex 3 might not launch in 2016 at all.

That being said, a new piece of info surfaced, courtesy of @evleaks. According to the source, LG is actually working on a new smartphone with a curved display which won't be a part of the G Flex line. Now, this smartphone will have a curved display which will 'wrap over the top of the device'. There are still no specific news as to what exactly will this device look like, but this curved does sound interesting. If LG actually intends to curve this display the other way around, that would mean that it will basically be curved on the whole surface of the display, outwards, which sounds interesting and is something we haven't seen thus far. Now, keep in mind that this is just an assumption at this moment which is based on the tip shared by @evleaks, the tipster didn't really elaborate on what he said, so we don't really have plenty of details to go on here.

Curved displays seem to be really popular when it comes to today's smartphones. Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus handsets really managed to intrigue people this year, and LG's G Flex devices did the same, even though they didn't really sell all that well. Now, this upcoming LG handset does sound really interesting, and if this tip is true, we'll probably hear more news about it in the coming months. Don't expect this smartphone to launch during CES next month though, this is basically the first time we hear about it, and it's more likely that LG will unveil it during MWC or even later in the year. Either way, stay tuned for more info, we'll report back as soon as something pops up.

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