Qualcomm Is Changing The Names Of Snapdragon 618/620 Chips

Qualcomm MWC 15 AH 02

What people have come to expect from tech companies as well as generally any company that sells products, is that items sold are usually separated out by a specific lineup and have their own series name. This is true with just about anything from smartphones to cameras and other tech products, including chipsets from companies like Qualcomm. Most of Qualcomm’s chips are adorned with the Snapdragon title and are further broken down into what you might call subcategories, with series like the Snapdragon 400 and Snapdragon 600 lines, and of course, their flagship Snapdragon 800 series which are found within high-end flagship devices from quite a few manufacturers.

When it comes to the Snapdragon 600 series of SoC’s, Qualcomm’s two most recent upcoming chipsets are the Snapdragon 618 and Snapdragon 620. At least, they were, as Qualcomm are now reportedly renaming or rather rebranding them to be called the Snapdragon 650 and Snapdragon 652. Although this is likely to mean very little if anything to the average consumers since these chips are still going to be the same just with new titles, some who follow the tech industry and like to keep up on specifications and hardware will want to take note of these name changes as any time in the future a device that has these chips inside will be referred to as the versions which Qualcomm have announced today.

Qualcomm states that the reasons for changing up the names of these two processors is so that the names more accurately depict what the capabilities of the chips are. There are some features included in both the Snapdragon 650 and Snapdragon 652 which aren’t available from the Snapdragon 615 and Snapdragon 617 SoCs, like advanced XLTE modems and the ability to have 4K video capture thanks to the Adreno 510 graphics processor inside. Qualcomm considers these features as being able to provide devices, and in turn the user with advanced performance capabilities and they want to highlight these traits and details instead of having them so closely linked with those that are not as much so. From this point forward, the Snapdragon 618 is now the Snapdragon 650, and the Snapdragon 620 is now the Snapdragon 652. These changes are a result of what Qualcomm hopes will help their customers best understand their technologies products and the differences between them.