Pushbullet now Lets you to Download Files from your Devices

pushbullet remote files

Pushbullet is a pretty popular service, although it got a bit of heat recently when it decided to start charging users for a number of features, through their pro plan. But that’s the way things are done these days. Apps like Pushbullet need to be able to pay their own bills, and this is how they’ve decided to handle that. Pushbullet took to Reddit shortly after to do an AMA and announced that a few new features would be coming to the service before the end of the year. Today, one of those new features have arrived.

This new feature is called “Remote Files”, and it works just as it sounds. Basically, it allows you to be able to browse files on your other devices that you use Pushbullet with, and you can then request a file or two, to the device you are currently using. It’s a great way to get that powerpoint off of your laptop and use it on your phone on the subway ride back home. It’s pretty much the opposite of what Pushbullet has always done, where you could push files to other devices, now you are receiving files from your other devices.

Right now, Pushbullet has activated the feature, and it’s available to everyone. However you will need to go into settings and manually turn it on. Currently, you can download as many files as you want, whether you’re a free or pro user. There will be a limit for free users, however that limit has not been decided just yet. Pushbullet is allowing everyone to have unlimited access this week while the company works out any bugs that might be in the way with the “Remote Files” feature. We should know next week what the limit is for those on the free plan. As far as file size goes, there is a limit. It’s 25MB for free users and 1GB for Pro users. And those could change in the future.

Pushbullet is available on the desktop, as a browser extension, available on iOS, Windows Phone and Android as well. So you can use it everywhere, literally.