Powermat’s Wireless Charging Push Hits a Snag

December 9, 2015 - Written By Jamil Bryant

As smartphones become thinner and packed with new hardware, you would think that at this point wireless charging would be a common thing. The concept is simple, you place your device on a round disc or mat and voila! As simple and convenient as this seems, the implementation of wireless charging has been otherwise. With good ol’ Apple turning their heads away from the technology to Starbucks rolling out Powermat’s to select starbucks, the use of the technology is still in its baby state.

It seems like we’ve had wireless technology for some time and have been pushing for the use of it. Well now Wireless charging has hit another snag and this time it’s from Israel-based Powermat Technologies. In late October Thorsten Heins who is the CEO of Powermat Technologies got sued by its board members. The board members argued that Heines is operating the company without an approved budget and is possibly driving the company into insolvency. Of course in response Powermat stated that the complaint is biased and deceptive. Whatever the true problem may be, trouble just so happened to come when the company starting making some good power moves.

This past year Powermat has expanded charging locations which totals out to 1,400. Not only did they gain substantial growth but Samsung also implemented Powermats technology in the Galaxy S6. Samsung even promoted the new technology to help push the age of wireless charging. With this lawsuit on their hands, the momentum that Powermat has gained over the year can come to a major hault. The lawsuit wants to stop Powermat from proceeding on its current budget. If this happens we can see a huge delay in the rollout of wireless charging due to the fact that they are a key company in the wireless revolution.

The board members who sued Heins and the Company Powermat includes founder and former chairman and CEO Ran Poliakine. Late last year Poliakine decided to step down due to pressure from investors. That decision Poliakine made could possibly hurt him since he and a few other board members have turned around and filed a lawsuit. Hopefully this issue gets resolved so Powermat can continue rolling out Wireless Charging.