Pixel C Team Explain Why No “OK Google” Or Double Tap To Wake

December 9, 2015 - Written By John Anon

While the two Nexus smartphones have been the talk of the town of late, when it comes to Google hardware, they were not the only devices the company announced at their annual Nexus event in September. Along with the Nexus 6P and 5X, Google also introduced the Pixel C, which is their take on this year’s Nexus tablet. Albeit, one which is designed to offer more of a laptop like experience than just a tablet one.

Since then though, the Pixel C has taken its time in coming to the market and only officially become available to buy from the Google Store yesterday. Following which, today the team behind building the Pixel C has been taking part in an AMA over on Reddit. As is typical with this sort of thing, the team have been answering a number of questions as to the decisions they made when building the Pixel C. One of them being, why they decided to leave out support for the “OK Google” hot word and ‘double tap to wake’ feature.

In terms of the first of these, the “OK Google” hot word, the team did make it clear that this was not a matter of indefinitely leaving the feature out of the Pixel C and more of a work-in-progress aspect. As the team stated, “We are working on always-on “Ok Google” support for a future update“. So presumably, this will be something which is incoming soon enough. In terms of the ‘double tap to wake’ feature however, the problem seems to be one which is far more fundamental. As the team explains, the double tap to wake function on the Pixel C was tested but it was found to be too much of a battery drain concern for them to be comfortable leaving the feature in. It seems the double tap feature was draining the battery quicker, as it was making use of an always on part of the touchscreen. As they wanted to optimize the Pixel C for sleep battery life, it seems double tap was one of things which had to be compromised. As a result, it does seem unlikely that this will be a feature being added. At least not yet, although, the team did note that if you are using the keyboard, the Pixel C will wake up when opened.