ParkMe Among First Android Pay Launch Partners For IAP Support

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If you are tired of driving in circles around the city in search of a parking spot, then it looks like it’s time to get ParkMe. If you are unfamiliar with ParkMe, it’s an app available for Android and iOS that helps people find a parking spot and also pay for it too. As of December 15th, ParkMe is offering customers the option to reserve parking spots 4 months ahead with Android Pay. With this newly added function in the latest version of the app for android, ParkMe has become Android Pays first launch partners. As the two companies rejoice in their efforts, ParkMe is going to give Android users a 25% discount on parking reservations.

Director of Product Management for Google, Pali Bhat made a few comments about their new launch partner. Bhat said Google wants to help out companies such as ParkME give their users a much easier and faster way for making payments. In addition Bhat said that with Android Pay customers can now speed up their checkout with simply a few clicks. It’s rather exciting to see this happening. Everyday technology helps us out just a little more. ParkMe and Android Pay are offering users an ability that will cause them less hassle. Trying to park in a big city isn’t an easy task. With ParkMe adding Android Pay access, customers can easily tackle what would normally be a frustrating job, into just a few simple clicks.

So how does it work? Well like all payment systems you have to store your card on your device. Android Pay will securely hold your card in your phone with no worries and your information stays safe. When transactions are made, Android Pay won’t send out your actual card number, but a virtual account number. The virtual account number acts like your real card, keeping your debit or credit card information concealed. It’s practically a fool proof system and gets the job done fast and easy. Remember, ParkMe and Android are giving their users a 25% discount on parking reservations. So if you plan on going out of town, heading to a convention, or just anywhere that will require meter parking, let the ParkMe app help you out.