Pandora Launches New Personalized 'Thumbprint Radio' Feature

For streaming radio services, Pandora (which just recently acquired Rdio's assets) is an app that has been around for quite some time, nearly the length of Android itself, which has given it a lengthy period of time to push through plenty of updates to add new features, improve on the overall experience and change up the UI to match the design guidelines with each fresh new version of the Android software. In Pandora's latest app update, they have added a brand new feature called Thumbprint radio, a station to give the absolute most personal listening experience that Pandora has ever been able to deliver to any listener.

The name "thumbprint" is fitting given that they have developed it to bring a personal listening experience, and it's essentially a radio station made up of all your thumbs up content. Naturally, this is going to be a vast and seasoned radio station for anyone who has been listening to Pandora for years and has given the thumbs up to hundreds of songs, making it a varied collective of different possible genres and artists. Pandora also states that Thumbprint Radio will evolve as users listen to new content and give it the thumbs up as well, feeding new content into the stream on a constant basis.

In addition to old favorites, Thumbprint Radio will also add in new songs that the service thinks will fit your tastes based on the thumbs up, basically the same way they feed in new songs to any other station based on liked content. This gives the station a good mix of songs from your lifetime as a Pandora user as well as new stuff you haven't yet heard which should help to keep things as fresh as possible. Thumbprint Radio stations can easily be shared with family and friends, and as you give the thumbs up to new songs you hear the station will not only evolve for you but anyone you have shared the station with. While this new station will be readily available to many people from this point forward, the one caveat is that requires having thumbed at least three stations worth of songs for a four month period each. If you're a long-time Pandora user, this station should be ready for you as of now.

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