OZWE Games Launches Anshar Wars 2 for Samsung Gear VR

If you have hopped on the wagon of Virtual Reality headsets and own Samsung's Gear VR, then this new game should interest you. The game we're going to talk about today is "Anshar War 2" by OZWE Games. This newly released game that supports VR is a sequel to the previous Anshar War. If you are unfamiliar with Anshar Wars, don't worry, we'll get you up to speed about the game and insight on their newly released sequel.

Anshar War 2 is an arcade game that falls under your space shooter category. Like many other space shooters you are given a ship that travels the galaxy taking on challenging missions. With this game coming with VR capabilities, you just don't simply move the ship with controls, instead it's done by the motion of your head. Anshar Wars 2 has only a single-player campaign with a total of 13 missions that coincide with a story line. You also are given the option between 3 different ships to fly into combat with. What makes this game so awesome is the fact you are controlling the ship with your VR headset, you're not stuck in one place.

CEO of OZWE games Stephane Intissar said that people who got ahold of the game early say Anshar Wars 2 is the most fully loaded VR game to date. Intissar says that Anshar Wars 2 gives players the ability to navigate their ship in all directions. Having full navigation of a VR ship sets Anshar Wars 2 apart from many other VR games because you aren't stationary. With more mobility, Intissar notes that a swivel chair is the best way to play the game. This is unique experience due to the fact you can explore an entire environment by actually turning your body in a full 360.  Anshar Wars 2 is an incredible game to play and the most complete VR game in the market. If you own a Samsung Gear VR headset, then let this game be your next download from the Google Play Store. In addition we have provided you the Official Teaser below and a few screenshots in case you wanted to see a few visuals of the game. 

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